Kendra Kerr

Name: Kendra Kerr

Role: Junior Coach

Favourite stroke:  Freestyle

Favourite distance: 50m Butterfly

What I want to accomplish: 

Strong Marlins family with supportive teammates and confident swimmers

Best memory:

It was 2012 provincials, Madison Legault, Kiara Machry, Paige Jungaro and I won double gold (for relays). Our Medley relay was a fair win, but our freestyle relay was so exciting. We were in fifth place as our anchor dove into the water and we pulled ahead to first place to win it all. I have never seen our Coach Tammy cry so hard. Best moment.

Super power:

I wish I could fly because it would be so pretty, and I wouldn't have to pay for plane tickets!!

Favourite Quote:

"If you cant say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all." -Thumper