Jon Woodyard

After finishing his junior hockey career in BC, Jon turned his attention to training and for the past 14 years has worked in player development. He has trained players on and off the ice from minor, junior, college and professional levels.  

In his sessions, he looks to find the skill limit in a particular area and push beyond it using drill progressions that get players to reach their next level.  Enhancing skating stability and fluidity through assessment and adjustment allows players in session to push the speed of game specific movements while maintaining puck control and peripheral vision. He often uses the aid of video to give players visual feedback of what they are doing and the changes they are trying to make.

He also specializes in puck skills and has developed a system of enhancing puck feel, puck-handling speed, range of motion, as well as step by step instructions of evasive maneuvers and fakes that can be applied and developed for various situations. 

Aware that not everyone learns the same way, Jon also works to understand what motivates and generates passion for the individual player to engage them in their own learning process. He sees passion and enthusiasm combined with a players understanding of how they learn as key ingredients to the development process. He hopes to create an environment where a player has learned how they learn, and loves doing it. 


Phone: 604-355-7200