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Hockey player Brando Klot of the North Shore Winter Club shooting the puck.

A Simple Hockey Skill Progression with Brando Klot

08/01/2014, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

Not sure where to start this summer?


Hockey is a game of progression.

Being really good at one specific element of the game can boost your confidence when tryouts roll around.

For Brando Klot, a lot of his summer training is spent on stickhandling. Handling the puck, passing and shooting are Brando's favorite parts of the game. Working with the puck keeps this peewee hockey player motivated to get out and train during the hot summer months.

(Note: while it's not his favorite skill, Brando still works hard to improve his skating as well.)

Here's a quick two-step stickhandling progression Brando's been working on the past few weeks. 

The 3 keys for Brando in Step 1:

  1. keep his eyes up 
  2. keep the puck close to his feet
  3. keep his arms moving independantly of his legs



For step 2, we add an element of difficulty with the dangle bars as I like to call 'em. The same keys apply as in step 1, although we're more closely resembling a game situation.


You may have noticed a couple missed nets in the first two steps, so to finish off, here's Brando nailing one-timers.

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