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Raz & Greg: The Most Positive Parent/Son Duo Ever

12/14/2015, 5:00am PST
By Kelvin Cech

Every now and again someone comes along who reaffirms your faith. In humanity, in your passion or in the Edmonton Oilers. 

Razvan and his son Gregory, and not that I need reaffirmation in my path, but hot damn if I wasn’t excited after speaking with these two new club members. 

This interview was originally featured in the monthly newsletter, but I wanted to capture father and son both in the same post just to give us all a boost heading into the holidays. 

First up: Raz and joining the winter club. 

Kelvin: Tell me a little bit about where you guys were last year, the road that led you to the club and ultimately decide to join. 

Razvan: Sure thing. So, we played with the Vancouver Thunderbirds since H1 and did the first year atom. We lived very close to the Thunderbirds. We just wanted to make a different choice for Gregory. We asked people and our friends about which club to join, and we only heard good stuff, so we thought ok, let's give it a try. We live in Vancouver so we didn't have a lot contact with people from North Shore Winter Club unless we came for a game. First year atom my son played house so we weren't exposed to rep hockey or high performance hockey. 

We wanted a place with no politics and no stress where people love it and no politics, and parents enjoy it. We were looking for the perfect club.


[laughs] I know there is no such thing but North Shore was always positive and checked off what we were looking for. We're always going to look for something positive for Gregory. 

Well that's nice to hear. You're always going to run into stress, and you want to avoid politics, but a lot of it comes from new people like yourselves, you're part of it now and you're bringing that positive energy. 

And you know, I learned that if you see the positive and you don't focus on the negative then every place is great. Places aren't made of walls or managers, they're made by us. If you come with a positive attitude everything turns positive. I like to see positive people, and if they're not I try to cheer them up, and if that doesn't work that's ok too. 

Life is too short, right?

My son is so happy all the time, so I learn it from him. 

What's his experience been like so far playing with the atom team?

Just watching him, he played atom house last year and he was a bit disappointed because his friends were playing at the rep level. To be honest we expected to make an A3 or A4 team, and he made A2. He enjoys himself more than we ever expected, so it's been truly beyond our expectations. We never looked at the results of the tryouts, we always just looked to see a smile on his face and how he bonded with the other kids and parents. He's in a tough position, being a goalie is not easy, you know?

No, it's not. 

He might let in 10 or 15 goals but you just have to keep going. 

That leads nicely to my next question, what lead to him wanting to be a goalie? Were you happy when he chose a life in the net?

Well, I tried to not make the decision for my kid, it happened when decisions were made for me, and you can't know if they will be good or bad. He was a d-man H1 to H3 and probably a bit in H4, and he wasn't the greatest on the ice so a great coach of his gave hm a chance and said "maybe you want to be a goalie, or you have the strength to be a goalie." I never forced him, it was his choice and so far he likes it. I don't think he will ever go back. 

I wonder if the coach saw that positive energy that he clearly gets from his dad and figured he'd be able to handle it?

I think you have to have a very strong ,mentality to play goal, Even kids who are ten years old they have the power to overcome the negative stuff. If you can go home smiling after letting in ten goals, then maybe they have what it takes to be a goalie. First of all you  have to raise them with good behaviours. Skills and your skill set, that comes later. At this age I'm looking for him to have fun and enjoy himself. Make sure he had friends, everyone is his friends and then we let the coach decide the skill set of everything else. 

But the most important thing is to see him smiling. 

And so far, so good, right?

Yes, super!


And now, Gregory.

Kelvin: Hi there Gregory! Good practice out there, looked like you were having fun!

Gregory: Yep!

Ok, introduce yourself like you're a pro hockey player, name and say something funny. 

My name is Gregory Sichitiu and I love pie. 



Awesome. Some people say that goalies, they, um, some people wonder why kids decide to be goalies, so what made you decide to play goal?

When I little and I was still a player, I wanted to be on the ice longer so I wanted to be a goalie.there are no line changes. 

So now you get lots of ice time?


What's your favourite part of being a goalie?

That I'm on the ice a lot, I get to make saves and I'm improving every practice. 

Tell me a bit about how it's been so far at the North Shore Winter Club, are you having fun? 

It's a lot of fun, yeah. 

What do you like most about it?

That everyone is nice to me and it's a great club. Plus the food is awesome. 

That’s honestly what he said. Welcome to the club, Raz and Gregory!

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