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Swim Committee 2017 Season

It takes a large group of dedicated volunteers to make the Marlins Swim Team the success that it is and we welcome newer members to come out and participate on the Swim Committee.

President: Andreas Aalhus

Vice President: Stephanie Fabbro

Past President: Wade Bartok

Secretary/Past Treasurer: Caulinda Bartok

Past Secretary: Mike Demers

Treasurer: Vacant

Registrar: Michelle Green

Past Registrar: Jodie Roe

Communications: Bret Conkin

Winter Maintenance: Stephanie Fabbro

Members at Large: Joyce Johner, Michelle Green, Marilyn Marchment, Kim Hubbs, Susan Stedman (Clothing), Tyla  - swimsuits

Coach Committee/Liaisons: Stephanie Fabbro and Andrew Kemper

Head of Officials: Vacant

NSWC Board Liaison: Malcolm MacKillop

Management Liaison: TBD


What an amazing year we have had at the NSWC Marlins! Our team continues to grow with many new families joining this year.

Consider getting involved! This year’s Swim Committee is an eclectic, fun group of parents from many different backgrounds. You need not have ever been a swimmer to be on the Swim Committee. We need people to fill many roles and responsibilities and the only real requirement is an enthusiastic, positive attitude and the ability to jump in where the help is needed.

We are on the Swim Committee because we enjoy being involved, we like to know what is going on at our child(ren)’s swim program, and we like being a part of the decision-making that goes on. Many of us are continuing next year, while others are moving on to other challenges.

We have a number of positions available for this year, both big and small. While all of them require communication with the Swim Committee, not all of them require you to attend regular meetings. We meet once a month on a week day evening.

Please contact President Andreas Aalhus to discuss what positions need to be filled. 

Swim Committee Statement

The Swim Committee is responsible for the short and long term management of the Marlins Swim Team. The Swim Committee shall always act in the best interest of the entire Marlins Swim Team. The Marlins Swim Team mission statement and team philosophy shall be the guiding principles for the Swim Committee's decisions. Honesty, integrity and transparency must be maintained by the Swim Committee at all times. Members in good standing shall be provided the opportunity to meet with the Swim Committee. Throughout this, open and clear communication between the Swim Committee and the membership is of paramount importance.

Roles and responsibilities of the Swim Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Hiring all coaches
  • Performance evaluations of coaches
  • Representing Marlins Swim Team at the regional and provincial level
  • Recruitment of new swimmers
  • Registration of swimmers with BCSSA
  • Management of all assets and financial aspects
  • Managing Marlins Swim Team home swim meets
  • Providing communication with the membership through an updated website, regular email correspondence to the membership, and through annual general meetings
  • Providing a parent coach liaison
  • Supplying team equipment for members to purchase
  • Coordinating fundraising efforts for the swim team
  • Providing an opportunity for members in good standing to present to the Swim Committee.
  • Fostering a positive environment on deck for all swimmers

Roles and responsibilities of the membership shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Remain an integral part in the swimmers’ personal and swimming development
  • Vote in a Swim Committee capable of running the Marlins Swim Team
  • As a volunteer organization parent participation is required to ensure a successful season for all swimmers. We welcome parent volunteers to support our swim meets, away meets, and roles on the Swim Committee. Most importantly we request all families participate in the fundraising activities to assist and support our budget.
  • Follow due process when any concerns are raised
  • Adhere to the Parent Code of Conduct

1325 E. Keith Road, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1J3     Telephone: 604-985-4135             Email: