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Marlins Swimming Fundraising

Fundraising is an important component to the Marlins Swim Team.

See the exciting details on the Marlins Spring 2017 Fundraiser in the letter and overview below!  (Hurry! Order deadline is June 6th!)

We ask that each family who registers their child in the Marlins Swim Team make a commitment to become an active, involved parent and the easiest way is to participate in our fundraising programs. The income generated from fundraising activities will enable the swim team to keep registration fees reasonable.

The Marlins have an operating budget each year of approximately $70,000.00.

Approximately 70% of that budget goes towards coaches’ salaries and other coach related expenses, such as coaching conferences, travel expenses to swim meets and other swim meet related expenses, etc. In other words, the largest part of our budget is spent on ensuring that we have excellent coaching.

In terms of revenues, only 35% of our budget is covered by swimmer registration fees, another 30% is generated from swim meet profits, and the remaining 35% is generated through fundraising. Therefore, it is essential that all Marlins families participate in our fundraising endeavours and help us to run a successful swim meet. Without the support of all our Marlins families we would not be the successful swim club that we are.

The following is an outline of the two main fundraising timelines for the 2017 session. 

  • Meat and Seafood Fundraiser #1 
  • Meat and Seafood Fundraiser #2

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