Desired Outcome

The NSWC Rep Tryout process is designed to build the strongest minor hockey teams to represent NSWC in the PCAHA winter hockey season, throughout all Divisions.  This process is reviewed on an annual basis as the Minor Hockey Committee is constantly endeavoring to improve the player experience. The evaluation process is a two-pronged approach that assesses a player on their skills, game play and team fit:

  1. Player Evaluation: players are scored by evaluators and division coaches through a skill assessment session and scrimmages to determine their placement in a Working Group. Working Group placement is based on combination of both skill sessions and scrimmages.
  2. Team Formation: Coaches / Working Group Coaches assess a player’s skills and game play, coachability and overall team fit through multiple practice drills, scrimmages and exhibition games.

The Hockey Department is responsible for the annual planning and execution of the tryout process, and comprises:

NSWC Hockey Director: Process Owner

NSWC General Manager: Executive Sponsor

MHC Chair: provides execution support

Board Liaison: updates the Board

Tryout Process Guiding Principles

  • NSWC’s Hockey Department owns and manages the process; members provide support, as directed by the Hockey Director.
  • The tryout process’ steps will be transparent and defendable: pre, during and post tryouts.
  • Player tryout experiences will be consistent, regardless of division or year.
  • Player placement decisions are made in the best interest of the team.
  • Player feedback focuses on supporting and improving the individual player, over the long-term.

General Guidelines

  1. The large ice upper viewing area will be a restricted area solely for approved evaluators and the evaluation committee.
    • Attendance at the evaluations for participating players is mandatory. If all the evaluation scrimmages are missed, then the following policy will apply:
    • Any player who has missed tryouts because they have either (A) recently joined the club and/or are new to the PCAHA/NSWC geographic zone, or (B) have sustained an injury that prevents them from participating in the evaluation process or family emergency; that player will be placed in a working group or on a team based on the lowest available rep team or the Hockey Director’s best estimate of where that player may fit based on the past season.  From that working group or team the player can then be moved up or down levels based on their performance.
  2. Any player who has knowingly missed the NSWC evaluation process, or has unsuccessfully attended an evaluation process for another organization unsuccessfully, will automatically be designated to a Hawks level team.
  3. Goaltenders will be evaluated during the goalie only skate and scrimmages by the Evaluation Committee.
  4. Players must only skate with their named evaluation team unless directly contacted by a member of the Hockey Department.
  5. Recreational C level players may be invited to join the evaluation process at any time. If this is the case they will be directly contacted by a member of the Hockey Department.
  6. All new Club members have the same right to a Rep team position via the Evaluation Process as existing members. No spots are guaranteed due to a long-standing membership.
  7. All inquiries during the Minor Hockey Evaluation Process must be directed to
  8. In the case of an issue or dispute, the Hockey Director will address the issue with all parties involved. The decision of the Hockey Director will be final.
  9. Evaluators are not allowed to evaluate their own children or immediate family members.
  10. Names will not be posted on the website due to Privacy Laws.
  11. Players must wear the provided tryout jersey, matching NSWC red or white socks and regular season play helmet. No spring or elite team helmets or socks / pants allowed.
  12. During Player Evaluations, a player may be removed for safety reasons.

2021-2022 Tryout Process:

*NSWC’s Hockey Director reviews and approves all player assignments, prior to player notification*

Details to come…