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3 Elements of Vancouver’s Best Summer Hockey Schools

04/16/2014, 4:15pm PDT
By Kelvin Cech

Looking for the right summer hockey school for your child?

It’s not always easy to find the right fit for young hockey players when it comes to summer training - some hockey schools place more emphasis on skating, some on dryland training, and more still on puck-skills or situational play.

As a parent, how do you decide which summer hockey school will accomplish the essentials?

When you looking at summer hockey schools, make sure you’re comfortable your son or daughter will get these 3 concrete benefits.

1. High Instructor to Student Ratio

It’s important that qualified, passionate instructors are always present in the event your child:

  • Does something wrong
  • Does something right
  • Experiences an opportunity to learn

More eyes will capture and correct areas of weakness in addition to maximizing areas of strength.

2. Positive On & Off-Ice Environment

What’s the ultimate purpose of summer hockey school?

Improving your slapshot?


Is that it?

Summer hockey schools need to deliver a complete experience. Improving on-ice skills is a method, a common language between instructor and student so the student can get the most out of his or her day.

From the time an athlete arrives at camp to the time they leave, the best hockey schools in Vancouver are teaching hockey bodies as well as hockey minds

3. Passion

A hockey school without passionate instructors and students is over before it begins.

Instructor Passion

Too often instructors are working strictly for the pay-cheque. This habit will result in losing a job mighty quick. The best hockey instructors in Vancouver, Alberta and all over Canada stick with their work because they're passionate about helping the kids and teaching what they know.

Student Passion

Speaking about summer hockey schools with a gigantic range of parents, from ultra-intense to laid-back, one point is abundantly clear: the athlete ultimately makes the call. Along with passion for the game comes life skills and character development.

Only your son or daughter can decide which camps (and how many of them) are right. 

As soon as that line is crossed?

The passion is gone.

Drained. Destroyed. Wasted.

... along with mom and dad's registration fee.

It's also ok to play other sports in the summer if you balance them with hockey training.

Bottom line: a summer hockey school filled with passionate instructors and passionate students is a recipe for success.

Have you experienced these elements before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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