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5 Concrete Benefits of Bootcamp

06/16/2014, 6:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

Learn how to spend less time getting more fit.

We’re all looking for the quick fix.

Making more money. Learning a new skill. Losing weight.

Unfortunately, you don’t often gain any ground with the quick fix.

Losing weight won't happen overnight. If you train properly, however, then you’ll see results quicker than you might assume. Like anything in sports, you get out what you put in.

Bootcamp is an intense overall body workout that takes your breath away.


However, the second time you go to a bootcamp class your lungs will feel a little bigger. The third time you won’t be as exhausted. After that, you’ll start to notice small little differences in your day to day to life, like being able to function on less sleep or just moving about your house or office with a little extra spring in your step. Suddenly 'not having time' will be exposed for what it really is: an excuse.

Some fitness plans aren’t for everyone. 

Bootcamp is.

Here’s 6 more benefits of joining a bootcamp class.

1. More Energy

Extending yourself beyond your normal physical limits directly relates to expanded lung capacity, stronger muscles and greater stamina. All of these elements combined create an overall better you in a physical sense. Bootcamp maximizes the output of your body by combining different areas (like the arms, the core and the legs), so your muscles get a short rest while your lungs keep working. 

2. It's Addictive

The best bootcamp instructors are good at improvising their lessons so campers never get bored. This is also the element that helps bootcampers find new muscles they didn’t know they had. Classes are fast, challenging and complex - people spend so much energy just concentrating on all the different excercises that the class is over before they realize it. 

3. Socializing

“Going through hell is a lot easier with a buddy beside you.”

Typical bootcamps are made up of the same people each class so it’s easy to get to know new people. Plus, your classmates become a built-in support group - everyone in a bootcamp wants the best possible results for their peers. There’s no competition (unless you’re into that sort of thing), results are strictly individual-based. Although, it's tough to cheat in a team environment. 

4. Mental Strength

The physical strength built is the most tangible reward in bootcamp classes. However, bootcampers not only enjoy the way they look, they enjoy the mental strength they develop, the positive mindset that comes with improving their heath. People enjoy more patience with their kids (and spouses), less stress with their jobs and a generally brighter every-day outlook. Look, we can all use a little more natural sunshine in our lives, right?

5. Inexpensive & Accessible

Bootcamp costs less than private instruction while still providing a safe, structured and challenging environment. In addition to accessible costs, the actual exercises performed are accessible to everyone. Bootcamp movements are based on your body’s built-in natural resistance and modified for individuals to experience personal success. You’re not lifting massive weight and you’re not asked to do something you’re not comfortable with. In fact, there’s not even a hint of discomfort (other than ripping brand new bulging muscles) - bootcamp instructors know their students better than the students know themselves. If you’re introduced to a new exercise, it’s because the instructor knows you’re up to it.

Bonus: 6. It’s Fun!

Bootcamp is a good time. You’re working out beside like-minded people with similar goals, you get to see results quickly and you get to uncover a whole new, stronger version of yourself. 

Enough excuses. 

Take a couple hours a week and invest in yourself.

Bootcamp runs Monday - Friday, 9am - 10am, Saturdays 10am -11am at the North Shore Winter Club ISIS Fitness Centre.

  1. Sign in at the front desk ($15 members, $20 guests)
  2. Head to the ISIS Fitness Centre
  3. Work your butt off.

Drop in tomorrow!


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