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8 Benefits of Private Trainers

07/07/2014, 6:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

Looking for focussed, individual results?


No one knows you as well as you do.

Except your personal trainer. 

Motivation comes in two forms: internal and external. Not only do personal trainers offer a strong form of external motivation, the best ones teach us how to tap into our internal motivation. 

And internal motivation will always be stronger than any speech or pep talk could ever be.

We’ve all heard it in our heads. 

“Just one more!” 

“Push through!” 

“You can do it!”

Well, sure I can do it. But what if I just don't want to? What if I just don’t have the energy?

Personal trainers find that energy for you.

On top of motivation, here are 8 more benefits of private trainers.

1. Safety

If motivation is the King of fitness, then safety is surely the queen. 

The most important responsibility of a personal trainer is to build workouts that are safe for the athlete and prevent injury. Pulling a muscle or aggravating an injury will destroy confidence pretty quickly. 

2. Structure

Personal attention means exercises start well within an athlete’s comfort zone and build from there. Trainers need to keep athletes safe, but as sessions progress, new exercises will be added to keep clients engaged and interested.

3. Progression

Once technique and skill is established within the structure of each session, trainers will scale exercises to be more difficult. Progression can look like:

  • Added weight
  • Increased repetitions
  • Higher Intensity
  • Complexity

Adding dimensions to workouts is easier in a 1on1 environment than a group setting because trainers can watch their client’s reactions to movements more closely.

4. Tailored Instruction

What are your goals for working out? What does success look like for you? 

Whether you’re looking to build upper body strength for hockey tryouts, increase your stamina for a better tennis game or you just want to improve your heart rate, physical fitness is always part of a larger overall picture. Personal trainers build on your  goals and tailor your workout plan to serve you specifically. 

5. Accountability (you have to show up)

If you don’t show up for a 1on1 training session, it’s a heck of a lot easier for your trainer to notice as opposed to skipping a class or group lesson. Booking a personal trainer means you’re ready to take your fitness seriously or to the next level. 

6. Faster Results 

Working out in a 1on1 setting means every single exercise and every tiny movement is magnified for the trainer. Workouts are therefore entirely focussed on the individual, which means the physical demands on the body are greater. There’s less time to rest with a personal trainer, sessions are efficient and every part of your body is maximized during your session.

In short, you’ll hurt more. In a good way, of course.

7. Knowledge of Your Lifestyle

We all want to better ourselves. Training for an event or just to live longer is easier with someone by your side who understands what you go through when you’re not in the gym. 1on1 training is about the relationship between trainer and athlete - it’s easier for a trainer to demand more effort if they understand that their client had a full night’s sleep, and in turn it’s smart to lay off a bit for clients who may have been dealing with a hellacious morning getting their kids to school on time. 

This understanding creates a positive environment - a habitat that’s a lot easier to come back to each session. 

8. 1 on 1 Makes For a Richer Hour

Physically, mentally and emotionally, 1on1 training simply accomplishes more than group classes. Every exercise has a specific purpose based on the individual in order to maximize results. Motivation is offered, taught and retained. 

Emotionally? Sure, the exercises are prevented in a safe, structured manner and then tweaked as necessary, but the real benefit of working out with a private instructor is about the power unlocked rather than the power being delivered. 

True passion for self-improvement comes from within. Sometimes it just takes a focussed approach to see the results of that power.

Not convinced? Looking for more of a group situation? Here’s 5 concrete benefits of bootcamp.

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