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Cards and chips on a blackjack table.

3 Ways to Cheat & Lose Weight

08/18/2014, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

Learn how to cut lb's immediately.


With a tip of your hat and a silent wink beneath your dark glasses, you signal to the dealer that you want another card.

Everyone at your table gasps at the enormous risk. Your gigantic pile of chips is sure to be lost.

Except that there’s no risk, because you already know what card is going to be dealt. 

There’s another gasp as the card is dealt, and to everyone’s surprise but your own, you’re soon walking out of the casino a millionaire. 

All because you cheated.


Now, without an inside man or x-ray vision, cheating at a card game is impossible. Wow, would it ever be sweet, though. 

Fortunately, life offers a few areas where it’s alright to cheat.

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is one of those areas. Losing weight is difficult to do, there’s no question about it. It takes a commitment to a certain lifestyle to build your body to its optimal levels of strength, endurance and overall fitness. Lots of people don’t have the time to exercise often enough to make a permanent difference. 

However, there are 3 easy ways you can cheat to get your body kickstarted toward that lifestyle. 

1. Drink a Ton of Water Before Meals

One of the obvious issues with losing weight is the amount of food we put into our bodies. Our bodies are like cars; the fuel we put into them has a direct correlation to the performance we get out of them. This is why I used to fill my ’93 Mercury Topaz with Premium - I needed to hear that baby purr.

The other funny thing about our bodies is that our brain doesn’t clue in that we’re full until about 15 minutes after our stomach says so. We’re actually eating food long after we should have stopped.

So, instead of gorging yourself on a second helping of mashed potatoes and steak, pound two large glasses of water before your meal actually begins. You’ll lubricate your body after a hard day’s work and your brain will realize your belly is full sooner, which will make it easier to push away from the table.

2. Sleep More

“Sleeping cures everything,” my Dad used to say. 

And, because he’s my Dad, I only started listening to him a couple weeks ago.

Turns out he was right.

  • Feeling a cold coming on? Go to bed earlier.
  • Stressed out about hockey tryouts? Take an afternoon nap.
  • Lacking energy during the day and ditching more workouts? 

You get the idea. Dads are smart guys. We might be able to push through a workout on 5 hours of sleep once in awhile, but the key of feeling energetic is getting consistent deep sleep. You’ll be more energetic more often which will obviously make it easier to work out, which will in turn lead to increased weight loss. 

Of course, everyone wants to sleep more, but it’s tough, right?

Well, how badly do you truly need to stay up to watch The Bachelor? 

That’s what I thought. Just invest in Netflix instead - 8 less minutes of commercials during each half hour show means you can slowly go to bed earlier and earlier.

* That last tip is borrowed from this fantastic Men’s Health article, 20 Ways to Turn Your Biggest Excuse “I Have No Time” into a Fat-Burning Weapon.

3. Cut Down on Carbohydrates After Supper

Cutting out grain cereals, toast and sugar after supper comes as a direct result of our first two points. 

  1. Water. When we drink more water, we’re more full and less likely to crave snacks before bed.
  2. Sleep. When we got to bed earlier, our bodies don’t have time to get hungry at midnight. (You’ll be damn hungry in the morning though, which is good thing, so grab the oatmeal and get going.)

Carbohydrates are the fuel we burn when we’re active. Chips or cereal or other complex carbs at eaten at night just sit in our bellies taking up space. Protein, on the other hand, re-builds muscle and aids in recovery.

So, all of the work you did during the day is maximized by snacking on protein such as plain greek yogurt and mixed nuts.


Adopting a completely healthy lifestyle is almost as impossible as cheating at blackjack. You can get there quicker though if you embrace certain ‘hacks’. And once you start with one of them, the others automatically follow. 

photo credit: Images_of_Money via photopin cc

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