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A pro-Canada hockey crowd waving Canadian flags.

The 10 Ingredients of the Perfect Hockey Player

08/25/2014, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

10 elements to focus on during hockey tryouts this fall.



The moment your son or daughter has trained for all summer is here. For bantam hockey players at the North Shore Winter Club, hockey tryouts are officially underway. Peewee, atom, and midget follow.

So, ask yourself:

Are you excited or stressed?

How about your child?

Stressed, right?

It’s too bad that hockey tryouts are such a difficult time for hockey families, but it makes complete sense. Like we talked about last week, hockey is in our blood. Hockey is Canada’s gift to the world, and no one does it better than us.

Let’s try to enjoy the experience of tryouts this year. Instead of being fixated on the results, let’s focus on the process. The journey of hockey is what’s important, after all.

While your son or daughter is working through the process this fall, you can help by reminding them of all the positive characteristics demonstrated by hockey players.

Because even if they don’t make the team, there are life lessons to be learned. Hockey is a game played in cold rinks on every corner in the country, but the real value of our game is what it teaches our children off the ice. 

Here are the 10 main ingredients of Canada’s best hockey players on and off the ice.

1. Resiliency

Hockey players bounce back after a setback like a poor shift, a bad game or getting released from a team.

2. Determination

Whether it’s winning a 1on1 battle or willing oneself to train harder in the summer, good hockey players are survivors, not victims.

3. Focus

Hockey players have to sacrifice in order to play at the highest levels. They block out distractions and concentrate on the task at hand.

4. Strength

Both mental and physical, hockey players are strong enough to compete on and off the ice. 

5. Organization

There’s the aspect of time management, but every hockey player also has a story about forgetting a piece of equipment for a big game.

6. Teamwork

The country’s best hockey players always put the team first. They support their teammates and help them achieve their goals.  

7. Coachability

Good hockey players follow direction and make the effort to try what a coach asks of them. Coachable hockey players also take ownership and help the coach improve the team.

8. Generosity

In hockey, whatever you give you ultimately get back. Hockey players are generous with their time and their efforts to help their teammates, coaches and parents. 

9. Optimism

Good hockey players look on the bright side. They see tough situations, find the positive aspects (even if it’s difficult to do so) and work towards a solution (instead of an excuse).

10. Control of the Controllable

Finally, the most important ingredient in the hockey player recipe, is worrying only about that which you can control. Trying to change something outside of this boundary only leads to problems. Elements such as effort, frequency of training or any of the other ingredients listed above are elements a hockey player can control. The best hockey players in Canada maximize those elements by taking responsibility and worrying about themselves first and foremost.

Promote these ingredients in your child during tryouts in the next few weeks. Remind them about what they can control and help them take the next step in their hockey journey.

photo credit: s.yume via photopin cc

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