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Fireworks on display in English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

25 New Year's Resolutions for Hockey Players Everywhere

12/31/2014, 9:45am PST
By Kelvin Cech

Here's 25 items you need to remember in 2015.

Happy new year!

Another year means another opportunity to play the game we love or to cheer for the game we love. For the players who strap their blades on and coast out onto the blank canvas we call an ice rink, a new year represents a new outlook, a fresh kickstart.

Here are 25 New Year’s Resolutions for hockey players everywhere. 

1. Shoot More

2. Use My Teammates More

3. Pass The Puck Hard

4. Finish My Checks

5. Protect The House

6. Encourage My Goaltender

7. Sit Beside Someone New In The Dressing Room

8. Ask My Coach How He's Doing From Time to Time

9. Bring Someone Up Who's Down

10. Compliment Someone Every Practice

11. Keep My Eyes Up

12. Set Goals For Next Year

13. Eat Better

14. Sleep Better

15. Work Harder

16. Make Small Improvements Every Day

17. Say Thanks to My Parents More

18. Improve My Backward Skating

19. Improve My Positional Play

20. Polish One of My Strengths

21. Tackle One of My Weaknesses

22. Push In My Chair

23. Find a New Cookie Monster Buddy

24. Play for the Shirt

25. Give Everything I Have

Bonus Number 26: Remind Myself On A Weekly Basis Why I Play The Game.

Here’s to another year of games, practices, summer camps, open ice, lessons, warmup music, dancing kids with goofy hats and pulling that beautiful red and white sweater over our heads.

Happy new year everybody.

photo credit: colink. via photopin cc

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