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Dandelions in a field lit up by the sun.

5 Habits to Re-Energize & Get Ready for a Healthy Spring

03/16/2015, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

What do polar bears, seagulls and reading fiction have in common?


Why is New Year’s the only time of year reserved for instilling resolutions? Honestly, I’ve always found it easier to commit to new fitness routines at the end of the winter when the days start getting longer and the birds start chirping. 

Although that could be because I grew up in Edmonton and we were afraid to leave our igloos in January for fear of being taken down by the herd of polar bears living in our back yard. 

Living in Vancouver in the winter has given me a new lease on life though. The polar bears are replaced by horrific seagull squawking and the frosty air is replaced by a sky crying tears of sadness for weeks on end. 

No more! The sky is drying up and the sun is threatening to melt my eyeballs. What a time to be alive!

Here’s 5 habits to kickstart your soul as the summer approaches.

1. Establish Routine

Get yourself in the gym and get yourself there now. Don’t wait for a buddy. Don’t wait for a new outfit. Drop your kid off at hockey practice and go ride the bike for a half hour. That’s all it takes to start reinventing yourself.

Once you do it once then do it again. And again. And again and again until it becomes routine. 

2. Try Something New

The body is smart. Your body learns quickly how to deal with adversity, and yes, I classify working out as adversity. If you’re already a regular in the fitness centre then putting yourself through the same exercises constantly will have less of an effect than switching up and hitting a new area. 

Outside the fitness centre is a great place to try something new as well. Mountain biking, tae kwon do, skipping, dragon-boating, fencing (seriously, a kid told me the other day he was going to try fencing) - these are all activities that contribute to a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. 

3. Drink More Water

Water is life. Water is energy. Replace coffee with water. Replace beer with water. Replace whiskey and coke with whiskey and water. Think of it this way, if you drink all the water in BC then there will be none left to rain from the sky. Right guys? Guys?

Seriously though, buy a fluorescent water bottle so you won’t forget it everywhere and get comfortable with hitting the bathroom every half hour.

4. Eat The Right Food at the Right Time

Pancakes: morning. Pork chops: evening. Pretty easy, right? Part of a healthy fitness routine is choosing the proper foods at the proper times. Balance is the key to everything, but an easy way to remind yourself of healthy choices is to put energy in your body early in the day and power in your body as the day wears on. So, grains, cereals and carbohydrates for energy, protein and healthy fats to rebuild at dinner. 

5. Read More Fiction

If you’re anything like me then you get depressed reading or watching the news. Now, in no way am I encouraging ignorance of the world’s issues, but escaping reality from time to time can have an everlasting positive effect on your ability to live in a world with so many frustrating problems. 

Reading fiction is an escape. An escape from the pain you’ve endured at the gym, for example. 

So, ready to get started?


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