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50 Ways to Make Yourself Better at Life

04/27/2015, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

50 things you can do every day to be a better you.

I’ll be honest, I wrote the headline for this post before I had any of the subject matter in mind. The point was to capture a checklist that transcends sport, fitness, nutrition, time, and space. 

Well, maybe not those last two, but you get the idea. 

After another season of writing, coaching, interviewing, pitching, writing, defending, arguing, stressing, writing, and coaching, I present to you a manifesto of daily lifehacks.


  1. Be nice to the person next to you
  2. Be nice to people when you’re not in their immediate presence
  3. Push in your chair
  4. Say thanks, man! (even to the ladies)
  5. Make eye contact
  6. Encourage your kids to make eye contact
  7. Tell jokes even when you’re not sure they’re funny
  8. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  9. Take yourself seriously when it matters
  10. Remember we’re all in this together



  11. Cheer for someone else’s kid
  12. Cheer for your own kid
  13. Remember your kids aren’t dumb, they’re inexperienced (thank my mom for that one)
  14. Perform routine relationship maintenance
  15. Binge-watch TV together on the weekend



  16. Write simple, to-the-point emails
  18. Don’t yell
  19. Use felicitous words apropos of the situation
  20. Don’t try to be smarter than you are
  21. Input energy in & be thankful for energy output
  22. Always look for the positive
  23. Always remember there’s no way to fake authenticity
  24. Listen to more podcasts
  25. Take a step back before you complain
  26. Wait, don’t complain, just try to help



  27. Have fun at your job no matter what
  28. Aim higher while enjoying the journey
  29. Have a plan
  30. Follow through on your claims
  31. Buy stuff you need
  32. Think twice about buying stuff you want
  33. Remember the future never comes, the present never leaves
  34. Ambition is the Robin to your Batman
  35. Read more during the week
  36. Everyone can write, even you



  37. Eat better so you can eat worse
  38. Exercise more so you can eat worse
  39. Cook something new
  40. Treat yo’ self from time to time



  41. Stay loyal even when it doesn’t make sense (ahem, Edmonton Oilers)
  42. Work harder than the person beside you
  43. Dress for the job you - no, just dress comfortably 
  44. Doing nothing with family is still doing something
  45. Apologize for your mistakes once, then move on
  46. Learn from failure
  47. Be your best
  48. Be better
  49. Be fun
  50. Be you



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