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6 Benefits of Working Out in a Gym Regularly

09/14/2015, 6:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

How to build and maintain a consistent exercise schedule


Regular has plenty of different meanings. A lot of your regular will differ from your neighbour’s regular

For instance, you might think regular lawn-mowing ought to occur once each week, while Mr. Jones is down on all fours snapping away at rogue crab grass every day. Mr. Jones might roll his eyes as you break out the mower on Saturdays, but who cares what Mr. Jones thinks?

It’s your lawn. 

Regular is consistent. Regular is a routine you develop for yourself. Here are six benefits of hitting your local gym on the regular. 

1. Physical Stamina

The toughest part of going to the gym is actually going. It gets easier every time, and a big part of that is because you have more energy every time. If you hit the gym regularly, your heart and lungs will maintain their improvements and grant you more energy each time you go.

2. Mental Dedication

Closely related to physical stamina, exercising regularly becomes a routine you hardly need to think about. It becomes a natural part of your day or week, you-time that you don’t want to miss. Running at home or working out in different places is easy to skip because it never becomes routine. 

3. Strength

This is an easy one, but it's the reason you're going to the gym, right? Working out for three days straight and then taking a week off won’t work. Training variating muscle systems at regular intervals throughout the week will deliver the strength results you’re looking for. 

4. Machine Memory

Ever been to a new gym and wasted a half hour just looking for the squat racks? Maintaining a regular schedule at a gym will help you cut down on the time in between exercises (and we all know a lack of time is the biggest excuse not to work out). Soon you’ll be darting back and forth between the towel rack, the water cooler and the weights in no time.

5. Familiar Faces

People need encouragement. Don’t lie, we all like getting a high-five when we accomplish something difficult or reach a specific goal. Gym regulars don’t care what you’re lifting or how you’re working out, they only care that you’re there doing your best. People will encourage you because they need the encouragement too. 

6. Added Patience

Getting on a workout routine establishes a hidden benefit: the cycle of patience. In our busy lives it’s easy to lose patience with kids, with spouses and with the barista at Starbucks. Working out once eliminates a certain amount of stress and pressure; working out twice does the same thing and on and on. A regular schedule adds up, and soon your overall stress levels will lower while your capacity for patience rises. 

We all want to lose weight, look better and feel healthier. Well, it doesn’t happen without a combination of healthy eating choices and regular exercise. It might not be easy to establish a routine, but once you do, there’s no turning back. 

photo credit: 6 out of 7's not bad via photopin (license)

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