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The 5 Minute Fitness Warmup Everyone Should be Doing

10/28/2015, 6:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech

You know that feeling when you first walk into the gym and you think about all the exercises you have to do that day and how hard they are and how tired your muscles are and maybe you’ll just come back tomorrow instead?

That’s the worst. You’re beating yourself before you even have a chance to begin. 

But you shouldn’t be thinking of your workout because not only is your body not physically ready for action, your mind isn’t primed either. That’s why a 5 minute movement prep to warm up both is crucial. 

Look, I think a lot. I’m sure a lot of you do as well. But the moment I start my movement prep thoughts of deadlines, ice time and hockey parents start automatically deleting themselves from my mind along with soreness, stiffness or muscle fatigue. 

Here’s the routine as taught by Steph St. Laurent and Romeo Gerhardt at HybridStrong.  Do every movement 10 times or more if you’re feelin’ it. 

1. Hip crossovers

Engage the core of your body and all your limbs with the first movement. 

  • Lay on your back with your arms palm down on the ground out to your sides
  • Knees together at a 45 degree angle from your hips, raise and lower your knees from side to side

2. Scorpion

Unravel the muscles in your back and upper body.

  • Flip over onto your front with your hands palm down out to your sides
  • Stretch your left foot behind you over your back toward your right arm
  • Keep your shoulders on the ground

3. Hand Walk

Start unravelling your lower body and strengthening your core.

  • Start from the top of a pushup position
  • Engage your hips and lower abdominals and inch your feet in toward your hands
  • Keep your legs and back straight

4. forward Lunge to in-step

Get the blood flowing throughout your entire body.

  • Part 1. Stand straight up with your core engaged
  • Lunge straight forward with your right foot, and reach for the inside of your right foot with your right elbow while your left hand touches the ground
  • Keep your left leg straight
  • Part 2. Move your right elbow outside your right knee and place both hands on the ground
  • Lean back and straighten your right knee

5. the airplane

Demonstrate your balance and core strength for the person in the mirror.

  • Stand straight up with your arms reached straight out from your sides
  • Keeping both legs straight, bend forward at the hips until your body is perpendicular from the floor

6. DISCO Drop lunge

Empower your entire body for your upcoming workout.

  • Stand in a strong athletic stance with your hands clasped in front of your chest
  • Sweep your left foot behind your right, touching down with your toe 12 inches to the right of your right foot
  • Allow your shoulders to follow the natural swing of your hips
  • Turn your upper body back to its original position (perpendicular from the line drawn by your feet)
  • Bend your legs, keeping your upper body straight and your shoulder blades squeezed together 

7. sumo Squats

Further unravel your lower body late in the movement prep.

  • With your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, hold the inside of your feet
  • Keep your abs engaged, lift your head and lower your backside toward your heels
  • Straighten your legs as much as you can while keeping a hold on your feet

8. crab walk

One final primer for your lower body before a dynamic workout

  • Stand in the same athletic stance you used during disco squats
  • Shuffle one foot out to the side as far as you can while keeping the soles of your feet on the ground
  • Bring your feet back together without rising

Each exercise is repeated both ways for 10 or 20 repetitions so your body is engaged, stretched and strong leading into your workout. There are diagrams posted in the fitness centre of HybridStrong as well, but it’s really easy, anyone can and should be doing it. 

And in case that's hard to remember, here's each movement as demonstrated by HybridStrong staff. Download Movement Prep

After that, chances are you won’t even remember … whatever it is you were trying to forget. Who cares, anyways? Let’s get started!

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