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4 Impossible-To-Break New Year’s Resolutions

01/01/2016, 5:00am PST
By Kelvin Cech


Everyone wants to lose weight, eat better and make more money in 2016. Those are easy resolutions to make, and they’re even easier to break. 

Plus, these resolutions aren’t in any way dependant on the calendar switching over to a new year. You should be aiming for these goals week after week. Sure, that's a tall order, but if building habits was easy then life would be boring and filled with let-downs. 

No, this year let’s talk about resolutions we can make that will be impossible to break. Why? Because once you’ve read them you’ll never forget. Haha! Too late, you’re already here, read on! 

1. Find Positive Energy

We live in a high-paced environment that, ultimately, doesn’t register a lick on a global scale: youth sports. Because a kid’s game doesn’t truly matter in the grand scheme of things, it often doesn’t get the world-renowned attention we feel it deserves. So, we get stressed because the world doesn’t care about our problems.

So instead of dwelling on these problems, let's manufacture positive energy in its place. Find the good, whether it’s in your friends, your family or merely through your enjoyment of a game. Hey, fake it if you have to. That works for other things, why not this?

2. Spread Positive Energy

Compliment someone. Buy someone a coffee. The other day I attended a Coquitlam Express game and I must have looked positively befuddled because a guy at the booth offered to buy my ticket for me. Wait, maybe looking befuddled is a good strategy to get free stuff.*

Anyways, the point is that it’s within you to spread the influence of joy this holiday season and beyond. It won’t cost you anything and the return will be great.

3. Drive Better

This has nothing to do with sports, unless you consider the simple fact that other than work, whenever you’re driving it’s a good bet your final destination is sports. 

So be a better driver. We spend so much time in a vehicle that we might as well make it a decent place to be. We could all stand to up our game on the road a bit. Just be more courteous - don’t dart in and out of traffic trying to shave 5 seconds off your time, unless you’re late for hockey, then STEP ON IT. 

Just kidding, leave earlier!

When I first moved to Vancouver and I was faced with the traffic weave - the back and forth that happens when you merge onto an on-ramp - I thought I was going to have a jammer. Now I understand it completely and I go bonkers whenever someone tries to squeeze in ahead of their spot in the queue. Maddening. Drive better and help put the rest of the world in a better mood. 

4. Remember Quality Over Quantity

This resolution can be applied to so many places in our lives. Sports parents are often driven to the brink of madness when it comes to sports/life balance, but it’s always still a function of choice. 

We choose to spend time at the rink. We choose to let sports dominate our time. And that’s ok, as long as we recognize that this balance is not such a sufficient source of angst that we ought to allow it to poison the things that really matter. 

And when it does get to the point of frustration (or hopefully before), take a step back. Make the hours you spend outside the house quality ones. Whether you’re in the gym, in the office or out for dinner with your partner, make those moments count. 

Because, by choice, you won’t have a lot of them to spare this year.

*I didn't let him buy the ticket you guys. Well, the whole ticket anyways.

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