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NSWC Midget Elite or Academy - Does it work?

12/31/2015, 4:45pm PST
By Manager Landon

Midget Elite is for real and here to stay

So much debate for such a simple concept – Dedicate yourself to training 5 days a week on and off the ice and you will become a better hockey player, a stronger person and a better student ….. It’s not hard to understand what this will do as proven over the last several years by the academy programs AND with many of our Bantam graduating players leaving NSWC to attend these programs. This is not about MA1 or MA2 or which team is better, this is about players dedicating themselves (all in – 100%) to become better, reach the next level including staying at home .. it cannot be done part time (1-2x week) with on/off dedication. I will save you why the Midget Elite was formed as the documentation and facts are out there but what I will say is it works and has been wildly successful this year given the improvement of the players and team’s success from Sep to Dec.

The Facts:

  1. Finished 1st in Flight1 Tiering

  2. Currently in 2nd place in Flight 1 for first half of the year

  3. 85% of the team is 1st years with remainder being 2nd years 

  4. 7 players played up for the NorthWest MML Giants with 1 player currently training with a local Jr. A team and more to come

  5. Finished 3rd, 2x2nd and 1st place in the 4 tournaments participated in so far. This includes recently winning GOLD at the biggest Midget A1 tournament in BC - RIBMHT

  6. Team average in school of over 75%

  7. Players constantly volunteer at rink and the entire team volunteered as time/scorekeepers for the TNT Tournament

  8. 18% gain in overall strength and core based on Sep to Dec testing

The 1 main Question:

Q. How are they going to do in Midget Flight 1 which is predominantly 2nd and 3rd years? You are a first year team and will get killed?

A. See above – I think NOT


The NSWC Midge Elite (perhaps a rename to NSWC Midget Academy for 2016-17) is here to stay and an absolute no brainer for anybody wanting the above or as Coach Cam Paddock states “sacrifice for the unknown”. It’s the best/innovative idea the club has ever done for hockey at the midget level to keep players and families at NSWC by offering a very compelling program and a reason to stay past Bantam.

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