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6 Horrible, Tasteless (but Healthy) Things You Can Put in a Smoothie

03/07/2016, 5:00am PST
By Kelvin Cech


We shouldn’t have to sacrifice certain aspects of our life to eat healthy and get the rest we require to be a functioning member of society. You have a right to be healthy, even if you do have 5 different rinks to drive to next weekend.

Look, I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to healthy nutrition choices because I always forget to eat. I work at home for half of every day until the precise moment I have to drive to the rink, and for a long time this meant I wasn’t fuelling the ol’ writer/coaching machine to the extent it required for a productive afternoon on the ice. 

But then I discovered the joys of blending. Did you know you can throw anything you want into a blender and it will grind it up into a fine fluid you can pump straight into your body? Amazing, right? The product of this is all the athletes you see running around the rink holding shaker cups. Teenage hockey players might not remember their middle names let alone possess the brainpower to keep themselves fed properly during a week of practices, games and off-ice activities. 

So shove a smoothie in their hands and send them out the door. It will work for mom and dad as well. Simply grind up your lunch in a container and take it with you. Here’s a few ideas to get you started. 

Frozen Berries

A great source of natural carbohydrates, your body can put the glucose present in berries to work right away. Berries are also an excellent source of antioxidants, particularly blueberries, and they also taste great, so you can mask other terrible things, such as:


I don’t use (use? Is eat more accurate? I’m not sure) kale very often, but kale is considered one of the healthiest foods you can eat, apparently. It might taste like garnish on its own, but kale helps your body de-toxify and lower cholesterol. Shove a few leaves in your smoothie and if anything you’ll simply be able to act smug about it when you do crossfit later on.


Terrible on its own, but for some magical reason cauliflower can be added to smoothies (and pasta dishes) and taste just fine. Well, taste like nothing, but that’s the point. The cruciferous cauliflower is currently fighting through a price and identity crisis, so perhaps the parents of North Vancouver can help stabilize the market.


This is a must for me because I like humming the Popeye The Sailor Song. It’s true what they say about spinach - it’s gross but it works. Spinach is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C.

Almond or Soy Milk

Rather than lubricating your smoothie with boring water or milk, try almond milk. It comes in different flavours, such as vanilla or chocolate, so you can further mask the taste of the plastic leaves you’ve mixed up.

Vega Protein Powder

A scoop of protein powder keeps you satisfied until dinner and it gives your muscles the chance to chuck plates around at the gym. Protein powder comes in a variety of flavours as well, so while it tastes awful on its own or in water, mixed in with the berries it’s delicious. 

That’s a winning recipe, right? You can experiment with different concoctions as you see fit, but packing this many healthy things into one drink is an easy way to inject yourself with health and wellness halfway through each day. And then you won’t feel bad about not eating a salad at dinner. 

…Alright maybe you still will. 


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