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It’s Time To Transform Your Health Into A Priority

04/22/2016, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin Cech


Winter could legally change its name to silly season and no one would bat an eye. From the middle of August until the end of March, we’re consumed by priorities:

  • Driving our kids to hockey
  • Picking them up from school
  • Trying to sleep
  • Making dinner 

And not all necessarily in that order. Who among us hasn’t skipped a meal simply because you didn’t have time? I do it all the time. I pound away at the keyboard until the last possible minute before I have to go to the rink every day. 

Like I said, silly. 

Well, spring has sprung, and hopefully life has calmed down for you at least a little bit. We’re always going to be busy, but being so busy you can’t make time for healthy nutrition choices and a few hours a week in the gym isn’t a badge of honour, it’s a curse we inflict upon ourselves. 

A New Routine

As you switch to a new schedule in the spring - new sports, new activities, new priorities - put yourself at the top of that list. Commit to three, four, five, or more hours of fitness each week and treat those hours like a meeting with the most important client of all. 


Look, I won’t lie and tell you it’s only possible to commit to a new fitness routine if you write down the specific schedule you’re going to use. It’s not realistic when you’re juggling work, kids, and a home. Besides, the first time you miss one of those prescheduled workouts might frustrate you enough to ditch the whole thing all together. 

Stay realistic. Choose an amount of hours and prioritize it week to week. It’s tough to start, but in no time you’ll find yourself craving the time you get to spend alone in the gym.

A Better Mind Created by a Better Body

A big part of exercising is not the added stamina, the strength or the person we see in the mirror, it’s the improved version of yourself that’s often hiding in the shadows. Committing to a fitness routine kickstarts the systems throughout your body. When you work out, your body craves better food. You sleep better. Eventually you’ll find yourself more relaxed, patient and simply more pleasant to be around. Positivity is contagious. When you feel great inside and out, it’s impossible for people around you not to notice. It changes how you carry yourself and how you interact on a daily basis. 

Happy is the New Black

It’s nearly June and school is almost over. I’m a big believer in taking things slow and enjoying the moment. It pains me to remind us all that pretty soon we’ll be back in the rink for tryouts, but sometimes you have to frighten yourself into action. Time flies, so pick up your routine and start now. Actually, working out four times a week is a great way to make time move much, much more slowly.

And you know what, if you can truly commit yourself to you a healthier you now, then chances are your priorities won’t have to switch back once September rolls around. You’ll find a way to make it work. 

And you’ll be well on your way to a better version of yourself than you ever thought possible.


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