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Conquering the NSWC Grand Slams of Tennis

09/28/2016, 5:00am PDT
By Kelvin


The eyes are always the first thing I notice. 

From there it's the stance. Flexed and ready to spring into action at any moment, watching their opponent intently in preparation for any number of shots that could come over the net. 

The transformation from mild-mannered parent into ferocious tennis player is awesome, particularly when it’s on full display in club-wide tournaments such as the men’s and women’s US Open Grand Slams. It’s during these tournaments that friendships are put aside, even if just for a few hours, in order to mentally exploit an opponent’s weakness. 

This year was no different. According to Fabio Walker, it’s always interesting to predict results, but this is usually a fool’s errand. 

The Ladies’ Champion: Sandra Todd

The Women’s Grand Slam was a mixture of intense battles and friendly competition, but in the end it was a veteran of the NSWC who emerged victorious. If you’re part of the tennis community, you’ve probably seen Sandra Todd’s beaming smile, either before or after she’s destroyed you with a powerful serve.

Ladies’ 2016 Final Grand Slam Standings Top 3

Sandra Todd 79

Betty Brauer 78

(Tied) Lorraine McDonald 77

(Tied) Laura Smith 77

The Men’s Champion: Louie Dapavo

With a combination of finesse, power, and cunning, Louie Dapavo stayed consistent throughout the tournament, displaying impressive shots and quick reactions to ultimately dismantle his competition. Congratulations, Louie!

Men’s 2016 Final Grand Slam Standings Top 3

Louie Dapavo 83

Mike Korbin 81

Fred Engler 79

On behalf of Fabio and the entire tennis community at the North Shore Winter Club, thanks so much for a fabulous wrap up to another busy summer outside under the sun. 

The Paul Shellard Fall Classic

Our next event is one of the most special in club history. It was with a heavy heart Fabio informed the NSWC community at large last spring of long-time coach Paul Shellard’s passing. It seemed only fitting to hold the fall classic in his honour. 

“He was a loyal, dedicated guy who really knew what he was doing,” Fabio told me. “He helped people love the game like he loved the game by helping them understand it. He was one of these guys, the lesson is over and he was still there working ten minutes later. He would spend the extra time because he wasn't looking at the clock.”

Paul, thanks again for everything you did for the club. 

You can register here for the Paul Shellard Fall Classic.



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