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Risk Management

Welcome to the 2017/18 season

We are always looking for volunteers to register under the Hockey Canada Safety Program.  We need a minimum of two HCSP certified personnel per team.  If you be interested please visit and click on "Clinics" for information on how you can attain your certification.

The health and safety of our athletes is the number one priority of our hockey program.  For more information on concussion management and baseilne testing please visit the link below.

Respect in Sport - Activity Leader

NSWC is proud to announce participation in the Respect In Sport Activity Leader program.

For information on Respect In Sport - Activity Leader please see the link below.

Criminal Record Checks

For Criminal Record Checks please visit BC Ministry of Justice and use the code FY4HH6R6BN



  • To have fun
  • To be positive, supportive, encouraging to each teammate
  • To show respect, fair play, and integrity to each opponent
  • To show respect to the coach, the team, the association and the club
  • To not yell at players, coaches, officials, referees, or parents
  • To respect the game of hockey and abide by all Hockey Canada rules
  • To understand that failure to comply with the above, depending on the severity of the   situation can result in my being prohibited from participating in the events and activities of the team.  Including the attending of games and practices, and if non-compliance persist, can lead to the player being temporarily or permanently suspended from the team.


  • To have fun
  • To remember this is a youth sport
  • To be as positive, supportive, encouraging and helpful as possible
  • To show respect, fairness, fair play, integrity, dignity, and reasonableness
  • To not yell at players, coaches, committee members, referees, officials, or other parents
  • To be respectful and positive in the stands during games
  • To let the coaches coach and be supportive of the team
  • To not coach my player from the stands
  • To remove myself from situations where I’m feeling angry-and take the issues up with the appropriate person(s) at the appropriate time
  • To neither put up with abuse, nor be abusive and to report any such incidences appropriately 
  • To remember that my child’s hockey career will not be made or broken based on the last shift, the next shift, or any particular game
  • To remember this is not professional hockey