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Introducing Our Coaches

Our coaching team is experienced, hold instructor certificates, and enjoy working with children and youth. Coaches have been carefully selected for their leadership skills and mix of experience. Your Swim Committee is very pleased to introduce the 2017 coaching staff.

Parent/Coach Meetings

This season as in the years past, we have found it greatly beneficial to create an open dialogue with the parents and family members on a regular basis. This season we will be doing the same. If you have any direct questions regarding the coaching of your child please bring this inquiry directly to our Coach liaisons: Stephanie Fabbro or Andrew Kemper.  

A coaches/parents meeting will be held once the team has been organized and the kids hit the pool. A notice will be posted on the date and time of this meeting and all parents are encouraged to attend. Even if your child has swam for years, we request you attend to meet the coaches and learn more about the activities for the swim season.

Our Team Objectives

  • Provide quality competitive swimming development programs and training regimes to athletes on the NSWC Marlins Swim Team.
  • Provide a progressive program based on age, ability, goals and commitment.
  • Create an environment and opportunity for each athlete to partake in a constructive and rewarding experience at all levels of competitive swimming.
  • To help all of our athletes to set realistic goals that require work and result in an ultimate feeling of success.
  • Instill in each athlete an understanding and appreciation for such concepts as high self-esteem, personal accountability, constructive self-motivation and the ability to commit to the process of training as it relates to achievement.
  • To embrace all athletes and families, and to provide a fun, positive and exciting team atmosphere where lasting friendships will be fostered.
  • To ensure that all Marlins adhere to the Swimmer Code of Conduct

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