Hockey Programs

Cookie Monsters

The Cookie Monster Program will help introduce young players to the game of hockey. We will host two skill levels over the summer to best suit your child’s development. We will teach the fundamentals utilizing drills as well as games in a fun learning environment. Players will be separated on skill level and maturity to place them in a successful atmosphere.  Full hockey equipment is required.

Defense Skills

The Defense Skills class is targeted for players who want to perform at a high-performance level. Players will develop tools to increase mobility, positional play, shooting and defending. Players will be challenged at a High-Performance level in a fun, competitive environment. This class is focused to push your skill set to improve your defensive play so you are ready to make the jump to the next level in your hockey career. Full hockey equipment is required.

Edging & Stroking

This class will focus on skating movements including balance, edge control and specific precision skating techniques. World Figure Skating Champion Victor Kraatz has worked with all levels of hockey players and will help teach and develop players skating structure to push your skill sets to the next level. This dynamic skating class will help you achieve your goals in a fun interactive environment.  Full equipment is required.

Learn to Skate (For Hockey)

This class will focus on hockey player’s foundations, set up, stance, edge control and balance. This class is perfect for children who wish to gain confidence and the necessary skills before entering Cookie Monsters or H1. Equipment needed: Helmet with cage, hockey gloves & skates.

Peak Performance

Peak Performance sports programs are a different way for students to go to school. So different, in fact, that their attendants are referred to as student-athletes – the basic definition of their daily experience at school is altered.  Joining a Peak Performance program is an important decision no matter what sport you call your own. Let’s look at typical sports Peak program for any sport that requires a great deal of extra training:

  • Core subjects in the morning
  • Electives mixed in (in high school)
  • Sport-specific training in the afternoon
  • Homework after school
  • Evenings free for practice, games or for rest

Sport places a gigantic demand on the physical and emotional states of our children. Peak Performance academies can go a long way toward easing that burden. A common myth of hockey academies (and a reality at some) is that once the lunch bell rings it’s a free-for-all. The best sports academies are run like a university – afternoon training is treated like a class. Student-athletes are expected to be punctual, hit achievements and finish assignments just like any other class. The biggest benefit: working on games specific skills during the day that you otherwise wouldn’t have time to work on at night. Afternoon sports programs are all about building habits. Shooting a hundred pucks every day, building stamina; skill development learned during the day is taught in a steady progression of simple steps.

Spending more time on the ice means less time spent in the classroom. This means that in order to maintain grades, the student must focus when he or she is in the classroom. If schoolwork falls behind, it’s up to the student (at the behest of the student’s support group of teachers, coaches and parents) to put in the work after school.   Different areas of life require different types of energy. Attending sport-specific skills programs highlights this for student athletes every day. Fatigue or a lack of motivation doesn’t fly; it’s a student’s responsibility to complete their daily routine to the best of their abilities. This is the way the real world works, and, increasingly, this is how sports at an elite level work.

Peak Performance Programs aren’t for everybody. They’re only for anybody who wants to improve their skills in an academic environment amongst athletes of similar age and ability. The academy lifestyle is unique and challenging, an achievement both for the mind and the body on a daily basis.

Power Skating

High-performance explosive speed and power training, power skating with NSWC’s Karen Kos. Quick feet, dynamic agility and stride perfection in an up-tempo, educational environment.  Full hockey equipment required.

Puck Skills

High-Performance puck skills are targeted to improve puck handling, puck control and improve creativity with the puck. This class will teach everything from stick handling maneuvers to carrying the puck in stride. As puck play is such a key component in hockey, this class will help develop that skill set in a fun and interactive environment. Full hockey equipment is required.