The North Shore Winter Club takes great pride in providing a world-class hockey experience for all ages.  The Men’s Hockey League is designed to provide a safe, fun, social, and competitive hockey environment that’s accessible to players of all skill levels.  Men’s Hockey is a recreational league that’s rewarding both on and off the ice.  Men’s Hockey is governed by the Minor Hockey Committee, who’s mission it is to maintain a league comprised of balanced and equitable teams, to foster a spirit of competitiveness among members, and to welcome new members into a friendly and enjoyable hockey focused organization.

Division 1

Men’s Division 1 is a fast, competitive league with lots of young players.  They enjoy the quick competition with a friendly rivalry between teams.  There is a draft for new teams each year to try and mix up the players and it creates a more social atmosphere.

Division 2

Men’s Division 2 is the same format as Division 1 with the same friendly rivalries and a draft each year; however, the pace is a little slower.  This is where you want to be if you don’t want to be chasing players fresh out of minor hockey!  Division 2 also welcomes all new players to come out and play.  The league averages six games a month, typically every Sunday and on two Wednesdays.


The chance to spare allows you to play when you don’t have a game scheduled or if you can’t make your ice time.  Each season on the Friday night of Super Bowl weekend, there’s an All Star game, showcasing some of the top players and it’s a fun night for all involved.  Playoffs begin right after Spring Break and the competition ramps up as teams work their way towards their names on the Championship trophy!  The Men’s Hockey season ends in April with the Championship games for both Divisions, followed by a wrap up banquet.

Registration & Fees

All registration is done on the Men’s Hockey Website.  Registration takes place in July and August and there is an early bird discount for those who register early.

Men's Hockey Website


If you have any questions about the North Shore Winter Club Men’s Hockey League, please contact Grant Stewart at