Minor Hockey Registration

Minor Hockey Ice Schedule by Team *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

One of the biggest assets of the NSWC is the strength of its hockey program and hockey brand. The program is nationally recognized and is the major driver of membership at the Club. Dominated by one of the strongest coaching lineups, additional ice times, enhanced skill development, and off-ice training, the NSWC is one of the premium choices for hockey.

NSWC Hockey prides itself on offering the most comprehensive hockey development based on LTAD principles for all ages and skill ranges of any association in the world. We work hard to shape teams and players at every level so that they are ready to compete and be successful.  Not only is there a focus on skill/athletic development, but also fundamental movements, life-skills, teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship, leadership and respect throughout all ages and levels.

Minor Hockey Teams

Initiation/Novice – Ages 6-8.  1 game and 2 practices a week including skating and skill development instruction.

Atom – Ages 9-10.  2 games (1hr) home/away and 2 practices a week including skating and skill development instruction.

Peewee – Age 11-12.  2 games (1hr 15min) home/away and 2 practices a week including skating and skill development instruction.

Bantam – Ages 13-14.  2 games (1hr 15min) home/away and 2 practices a week including skating and skill development instruction.

Midget – Ages 15-17.  2 games (1hr 30min) home/away and 2 practices a week including skating and skill development instruction.

Development Program

From our A1 teams through our ‘C’ divisions, our players are exposed to the following opportunities included in their Minor Hockey Program Experience at NSWC:

  • Highest level of coaching found anywhere in the world based on experience and Coaching credentials.
  • Minimum one extended length game and two separate practices per week.
  • Initiation Aged teams are provided a minimum of 10 on-ice Development sessions with some of the top Power Skating instructors and Skill Development coaches in the industry to ensure our players are getting the absolute best right from their early years.
  • Atom – Midget aged teams receive six on-ice or off-ice dryland development sessions lead by industry leading professionals in an athlete centered training space.
  • Each NSWC Player has access to a weekly skill development practice for players within their age group.

In addition to the inclusive program that comes with playing minor hockey at NSWC, players also have access to a variety Power Skating, Edging and Skills classes and private lessons taught by NSWC Development Coaches such as former Olympian Victor Kraatz, WHL skating coach Karen Kos and former NHL Player Mats Lindgren.

Each team at NSWC is also guaranteed to have ever improving, top of the line goaltending due to each goaltender at NSWC receiving six private lessons. This is in addition to having access to 22 weeks of included goaltender development sessions run by the best Goaltender Development Team in BC.  Goaltending coaches include Sean Murray, Matt Korchmar, Kris Lazeruk, and Sam Huston.

Major Midget

As the hockey world is changing with a strong momentum for high level hockey due to the Academies, NSWC is proud to be partners with and host a Major Midget team, the Northwest Giants. This marquee team has played in the Major Midget League for 13 years.  In that time, they have been Provincial  Champions six times. The Giants are currently leading in enough categories to be considered the best Midget hockey team in the Country, and the 2017-18 team is a solid contender for the Telus Cup.  Having the NW Giants at the Club provides a gateway for current NSWC A1 players to be able to affiliate for practices and games offering further development to our members. Up to 10 NSWC Midget A1 or Bantam A1 players will have an opportunity to play and
learn with the best of their age group.

Hockey Faculty Support

By spending time on-ice supporting coaches in their development and players, the NSWC Hockey Faculty is be able to give feedback to those players and parents looking for an external perspective on where they can make improvements to their game.

Coaching Education

For the coaches within our association, NSWC will offer 2-3 coaching seminars throughout the year featuring BC Major Midget, Canadian University and NCAA coaches. The goal is to not only help the current crop of coaches who are already part of the program but to also build a culture where coaches who move on with their coaching careers come back and help out. With this ever improving culture in mind, we intend to build a reputation where other coaches from other associations are attracted to come and be a part of the coaching community that we are building. The end goal is to have that experience and knowledge passed onto our players, giving them an experience with their coaches that is not rivaled anywhere in amateur sport.

Open Hockey

The final factor that separates NSWC Hockey Development from every other association in our market is the access to Open Hockey.  For those players that can’t get enough ice times or want to spend time perfecting the skills they have acquired from their various coaches, NSWC offers Open Hockey which is the Lower Mainland equivalent of Pond Hockey. The opportunity for players to simply go out and refine their craft on their own time and on their own terms outside of a structured environment cannot be overstated.  North Shore Winter Club Hockey truly does give players and families the absolute best Coaching, Development and experience of any Hockey Program anywhere in the world.

Risk Management

The health and safety of our athletes is the number one priority of our hockey program.  We are always looking for volunteers to register under the Hockey Canada Safety Program. We need a minimum of two HCSP certified personnel per team.  If you’re interested, please visit www.bchockey.net and click on “Clinics” for information on how you can attain your certification.

Code of Conduct


  • To have fun
  • To be positive, supportive, encouraging to each teammate
  • To show respect, fair play, and integrity to each opponent
  • To show respect to the coach, the team, the association and the club
  • To not yell at players, coaches, officials, referees, or parents
  • To respect the game of hockey and abide by all Hockey Canada rules
  • To understand that failure to comply with the above, depending on the severity of the situation can result in my being prohibited from participating in the events and activities of the team. Including the attending of games and practices, and if non-compliance persist, can lead to the player being temporarily or permanently suspended from the team.


  • To have fun
  • To remember this is a youth sport
  • To be as positive, supportive, encouraging and helpful as possible
  • To show respect, fairness, fair play, integrity, dignity, and reasonableness
  • To not yell at players, coaches, committee members, referees, officials, or other parents
  • To be respectful and positive in the stands during games
  • To let the coaches coach and be supportive of the team
  • To not coach my player from the stands
  • To remove myself from situations where I’m feeling angry-and take the issues up with the appropriate person(s) at the appropriate time
  • To neither put up with abuse, nor be abusive and to report any such incidences appropriately
  • To remember that my child’s hockey career will not be made or broken based on the last shift, the next shift, or any particular game
  • To remember this is not professional hockey

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