Note: NSWC’s Hockey Director reviews and approves all player assignments, prior to player notification.


  1. All players registered for rep try-outs will participate in an initial evaluation, consisting of scrimmage games, to select the players who move on to the A1 working group.
  2. Players will be notified by email of the next stage of their try-out process.
  3. Players selected for the A1 working group will receive an individual evaluation report following their placement in the A1 working group.
  4. These selections will be based on the cumulative player reports provided by the evaluation staff.


  1. The remaining players will participate in a second evaluation, scrimmage games, to select and place the players in either the A2, A3, A4 working group. Players not placed in a rep team working group will be placed with the NSWC Hawks program.
  2. Players will be notified by email which working group they have been assigned to.
  3. These remaining players will receive an individual evaluation report following their placement in a working group. NOTE: This evaluation will only be based on phase 2 of their try-out.
  4. These selections will be based on the cumulative player reports provided by the evaluation staff.


  1. The A1 coaching staff will begin by releasing players to the A2 working group. This will trigger the release of the players from the A2 working group to the A3 team and so on.
  2. This releases and the players selected for each team will be made by the respective coaching staffs of each team.
  3. At this stage, these releases will be made in person and could include the parents of each player (preferred).
  4. Reassigned player will be contacted by the Coach or Working Group Coach of their new Working Group regarding practice and game schedules.


  1. Coaches would have until a specified date to call up a player(s) from a lower team and further evaluate them. It would be at the Head Coaches’ discretion if that player had improved enough or was potentially missed and was deserving of the opportunity.


Evaluators are retained annually by the Hockey Department to assess and score each player. Player scores are then used to form Working Groups.

  • Evaluators are formally reviewed and approved by the Hockey Faculty, General Manager and the MHC Chair and Division Coordinator to ensure that no conflict of interest exists.
    • E.g. relatives participating in the division being assessed.
  • They possess a high-level of hockey knowledge and experience.
  • Evaluators are not provided player names. Scoring is done against tryout jersey numbers, which is then provided to the Hockey Department for data entry.
  • Each division will have a minimum 4 evaluators
  • Every effort will be made to have each evaluator attend each evaluation session.
  • Evaluators would include the head coaches of that divisions rep teams and can also include assistant coaches.
  • A lead evaluator will be assigned to each division to ensure each player received a proper evaluation and that all evaluation criteria are considered.
  • Goalie evaluation skates will be managed and graded by a NSWC goalie coach.
  • This same goalie coach will be responsible for evaluating goalies during the scrimmage games.


  • Parents would not be able to contact NSWC hockey staff until the final selections for each team had been made. Requests for additional feedback or to dispute a selection must be submitted via email and contain an outline of reasoning for the request/dispute.
  • At this stage parents could be, based on the discretion of the Hockey Director, provided the rankings of where their child fit in the overall evaluation process.
  • Any parent who does not follow these communication guidelines, harasses the hockey staff, or is disruptive within their assigned team will face a 2 week suspension from hockey related activities at the NSWC.


Parents are reminded to adhere to the NSWC Code of Conduct as well as the following:

  • Evaluators are not to be approached or communicated with directly about the tryouts or players’ score / performance.
  • Remain in designated viewing areas during the tryout process (evaluators at ice-level, parents in designated viewing areas).
  • Issues must be resolved through the Conflict Resolution Process, to the “24-hr no contact” rule.
  • Review online and printed material related to the tryout process – be educated before your player participates.


  • Each player would receive a 1 to 7 score in the following categories, with each category counting towards, 20% of the player overall grade
    • Skating – 20%
    • Competitiveness – 20%
    • Puck Skills (Puck handling, passing, shooting) – 20%
    • Playmaking ability – 20%
    • Attitude & Body language – 20%
  • Each evaluator would provide a digital report on each player following each Phase of the try-out.
  • These reports will create an automated, overall score for each player.
  • A ranking of all players based on their overall score, in addition to their ranking in the individual skill/attribute will produced following the evaluation.
  • Goalies will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    • Skating
    • Rebound Control
    • Reading the play
    • Puck handling
    • Save Selection
    • Awareness
    • Competitiveness


The North Shore Winter Club seeks to provide unlimited development options for all young players. In some cases the skill set of a player may dictate that a move to a higher age division would better facilitate their development.

The parent of any player wishing to move to a higher age division must submit a written request to the Hockey Director (HD) and Minor Hockey Committee (MHC) no later than August 1st. The HD and MHC will review and evaluate each request based on the following criteria: physical size, skill, strength, maturity and commitment. In addition, player registrations (i.e. Team roster size) will also dictate if there is an opportunity. The ultimate decision that allows for a player to move up into another age category rests with the Hockey Director.

The faculty will notify parents of the decision in writing no later than one week before the start of the tryout process. If the Hockey Department rules in favor of the request, the player will be permitted to participate in the higher age division evaluation process. The Hockey Department can, at their discretion, at any time, return a player to their natural age level.

Pee Wee and Up

Players participating in a higher age division tryout process must succeed in being rated within the A1 Working Group following evaluations in order to remain in the higher division. If the player does not rank within the A1 Working Group, they must return to their natural age division. If the player is reassigned to the A2 Working Group during the team formation stage, the player remains in the Division.


With HD approval, a player underage by one birth year may try out for the A1 and/or Rep-level Working Groups. These underage players may be placed on any Rep teams based on their skills to a limit of three players per team, as per PCAHA guidelines. If an underage player is assigned to any rep Working Group after the Player Evaluation step, they cannot be returned to initiation level during the Team Formation step.

With Hockey Department approval, a player underage by more than one birth year may try out for Atom. These underage players must succeed in being rated within the A1 Working Group following evaluations in order to remain in the higher division. If the player does not rank within the A1 Working Group, the player must return to the initiation division.

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