NSWC Minor Hockey Program

One of the biggest assets of the NSWC is the strength of its hockey program and hockey brand. The program is nationally recognized and is the major driver of membership at the Club. Dominated by one of the strongest coaching lineups, additional ice times, enhanced skill development, and off-ice training, the NSWC is one of the premium choices for hockey.

NSWC Hockey prides itself on offering the most comprehensive hockey development based on LTAD principles for all ages and skill ranges of any association in the world. We work hard to shape teams and players at every level so that they are ready to compete and be successful.  Not only is there a focus on skill/athletic development, but also fundamental movements, life-skills, teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship, leadership and respect throughout all ages and levels.

Open Hockey

Open Hockey is one of the greatest features of being a member at NSWC.  In Vancouver, we aren’t given the opportunity to play pickup pond hockey very often or have empty arena’s where kids can just step on the ice in the old barn when the rink guy gives us a spare key but at NSWC we have the next best thing, Open Hockey.  Open Hockey is our member’s opportunity to play, practice and enjoy hockey in a non-structured capacity.  We have the skills ice, fondly referred to as ‘The Tube’, which is almost always open, or a random sheet of ice that happens to be free, Open Hockey allows members the chance skate, shoot and play without coaches or teams organizing the session.  Whether a player just a wants a few more reps for 5 minutes after practice, or wants to shoot pucks for an hour instead of watching their siblings ice times Open Hockey gives them an opportunity that doesn’t exist in a traditional Minor Hockey organization.

Every participant, regardless of age, must wear a helmet and any player under 18 must be in full hockey gear.

NSWC Shooting Lanes

NSWC is proud to host one of the premier off-ice shooting facilities in the lower mainland with 4 lanes of synthetic skateable ice, our members are able to refine their shooting in a safe and fun environment.  The Shooting Lanes are used for programs, private lessons and free bookable timeslots for members to come down and blast some pucks.  If repetition is the mother of mastery the Shooting Lanes give our members and incredible opportunity to really take their scoring ability to the next level!




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