Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the information below will be useful in answering any questions you might have. However, please feel free to contact us with any enquiries and we will be happy to help.


Who do I contact if I have further questions about membership or to apply?

For more information about North Shore Winter Club membership, please contact our Sales team at or at 778-945-5928.

What privileges and services are included in members’ monthly dues?

As a regular member, monthly dues include the usage of the Club’s facilities: hockey rinks, fitness centre, group fitness classes, tennis and pickleball courts, swimming pool, locker rooms, and social areas. Surcharges apply for programming, lessons, services, food and beverage, and tennis court bookings.

I was a member in the past, can I come back and join as an Alumni?

Interested in returning as a member? We would be happy to have you back! For more information about our Alumni membership, please contact our Sales team at or at 778-588-9492.

What are the Reciprocal Membership Options?

As a member of the NSWC, you can enjoy membership benefits at a variety of private clubs around the world. A specific list of reciprocal clubs is available here 

What are Intermediate Memberships?

Intermediate Memberships are for children of regular members who are joining the Club under their own name. At the age of 26, dependants are removed from their family NSWC membership, at which time they are given the opportunity to re-join the Club at a reduced rate. More information is available upon request.

Can a nanny or caregiver be added to a Family Membership?

Yes, a nanny/caregiver can be added to a family’s membership for an additional fee. The nanny/caregiver would not have access to the Club’s facilities for their own use.

Can members invite guests to the Club?

Yes, members may introduce Guests for a social occasion or Club activities.



Is the North Shore Winter Club only open to members?

The NSWC is open to members and their guests. Non-members are allowed to participate in some programs such as Learn to Skate, Cookie Monsters and Red, Orange, Green Ball along with fitness classes, but not at the expense of a member. You must be a member to participate in Minor Hockey, Sr. Men’s Hockey, Marlins Swimming, Tennis Lessons and Summer Daycamps.

Is the initiation fee refundable or transferable?

No, the initiation fee is not refundable after admission to the Club as a member. NSWC membership is not transferable; however, if you convert memberships types ( Trial –> Full), your initiation fee from your current membership will be deducted off your subsequent membership.

What is the current initiation fee?

Please visit our Membership page for information on our current initiation and membership rates. All fees are subject to 5% GST.

Is there a waiting list to join the North Shore Winter Club?

No, there is no waiting list at this time.

What is involved in the application process and how long does it take?

The membership approval process takes approximately 3-4 weeks from the time an application is submitted.  Once all required documents are completed and have been received, your membership request will be taken to the Membership Committee and Board of Directors for approval.  Membership is then effective on the first of the month.

The Club

What type of club communications will there be?

Most communication will occur electronically via email blasts, weekly newsletters, on social media, or on the Club’s website.  There are posters, flyers, and brochures around the club and on bulletin boards, as well as on tables in the dining areas. Quarterly program guides are also published and distributed around the Club.

How do I make purchases at the Club?

In the Café and Lounge, members can charge purchases to their member account or pay using Cash/Credit/Debit.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is free member and guest parking at the NSWC. Members are required to display parking decals on their cars.

Do you have Wifi?

Wireless internet is available in the Club. For access, please see front desk or office staff.

Does the North Shore Winter Club have a minimum food and beverage charge?

There is no minimum spend required and members receive a 15% dicount on all Cafe and Lounge menu items.

Is there a dress code?

All members are required to observe the rules of dress and conduct applicable to each organized sport within the Club while engaged in that sport. No skates, with or without guards, bare feet, or uncovered bathing suits are permitted to be worn in the Club common areas above the ground floor entry levels or in the indoor lounges and cafeteria areas. The minimum dress in all Club common areas is a clean short-sleeved shirt or blouse, shorts or slacks, and some form of clean footwear other than work boots. The only exception will be on the Tiki Deck and adjacent pool areas where swim wear and bare feet will be permitted. All persons must be clean and in every way presentable. Vulgar and offensive T-shirts are not allowed in the Club.

Who operates the North Shore Winter Club?

The North Shore Winter Club is managed by the Board of Directors and the COO/General Manager operates the Club on a daily basis.  The COO/General Manager and staff work with the Board and Members to implement policy set forth in the Rules and Regulations.