Align your brand with the North Shore Winter Club’s proud tradition of inclusive athletics and overall family fitness.  Give your employees access to the hidden gem on the North Shore, providing sports, recreational, and social programs that create a rewarding, long term membership experience.

Why Apply?

Corporate Membership is a great tool for recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your key personnel!

  • Attract well-rounded employees with this value-added opportunity for them to raise their families in a fun, safe environment.
  • Invest in your company’s most valuable asset by promoting a healthy, active lifestyle within your organization.
    Invest in your company’s most valuable asset, your staff!
  • Reward key personnel for their service and continue to encourage work-life balance.

Corporate Membership Structure

Each Corporate Membership is entitled to one, two, or three designees, who must be employees of the corporation upon designation.  Designees may choose to elevate their Single status to Couple or Family by paying the difference in monthly dues for each level.  Corporate designees are considered Full Members; however, the Corporate Membership is only entitled to one vote, regardless of the number of designees.

Experience all the benefits of Full Membership at a fraction of the Full Membership cost.  Membership lasts a lifetime and we account for some turnover, so employees can be switched on the account, not to mention that monthly dues are a tax deductible business expense.

Corporate Membership Perks

Corporate Members have the opportunity to use the following areas for business purposes at a preferred rate:

  • Board Room – Accommodate up to 16 people and is equipped with convenient meeting resource tools.
  • Jim Graham Room – Holds up to 220 people and includes a built-in digital projector and screen, a sound system, wireless microphones, and much more. The room can be divided into two separate areas.
  • Social Lounge – Seats up to 40 people, has a beautiful view of our famous outdoor pool and is perfect for breaks, lunch, or pre-dinner receptions.
  • Hockey Viewing Lounge – Ideal for birthday parties, social gatherings, or meetings while the children play below on the ice or the in the open training centre.
  • Lounge or Outdoor Patio – Host in a more casual dining experience for a small group or up to 80 people.

Learn More

Contact us at or (604) 985-4135 for more information, to schedule a facility tour, to book a lunch and learn at your office, or to apply for Membership!