Ice Schedule

The North Shore Winter Club is one of the most prestigious hockey clubs in North America. The club boasts a proud record of Western Hockey League, National Hockey League, Canadian Tier II Junior Hockey, and NCAA hockey graduates. We offer a variety of fun and rewarding programs incorporating on and off-ice conditioning, power skating, and puck handling skills for boys, girls, men, and women of all ages and skill levels.

With strong coaches at all levels, coach development, quality ice times, weekly minor hockey funded skills sessions, goalie development, a female program, house hockey, rep hockey, and a senior men’s league, the NSWC is the place to play hockey.

NSWC coaches build their culture around the concept to lead, develop, and promote positive hockey experiences by values of fair play and sportsmanship through respect for all participants. Attracting some of the most influential trainers in the business, the NSWC Hockey Development is a group of elite athletes with vast experience on and off the ice.  NSWC teams are taught to embrace individual skill within a safe, positive team environment.

From initiation through midget, our players take immense pride in wearing the North Shore Winter Club jersey and representing the values of hard work, skill, and dedication. Minor Hockey is divided into the following teams, all of which include weekly skating and skill development instruction on top of games and practices.


Ages 6-8.  1 game and 2 practices a week.


Age 9-10.  2 games (1 hour) home/away and 2 practices a week.


Age 11-12.  2 games (1 hour 15 minutes) home/away and 2 practices a week


Age 13-14.  2 games (1 hour 15 minutes) home/away and 2 practices a week


Age 15-17.  2 games (1 hour 30 minutes) home/away and 2 practices a week


Age 18+.  Female minor hockey with 1 game and 1 practice a week.

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