Board of Directors

James Cronkpresident

I have been a Member of the Club twice, once as a young hockey player (with somewhat limited skill), and now as a Dad with two active hockey playing boys. I seem to use the Club daily, either playing Senior Men’s hockey or tennis (both with limited skill), watching my kids hockey games or attending another volunteer meeting. I have been on the Board since 2015 and have also volunteered on other committees (including the Minor Hockey committee as Chair).

My employment experience is mainly within the hospitality industry. For the past fifteen years I have owned a consulting company and included in our services is helping Club General Managers and Club Boards navigate the challenging and always changing landscape of private clubs. My current and former clients include Hollyburn Country Club, Capilano Golf Club, Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club, Kelowna Yacht Club and also many others throughout North America.


Graham Wilsonvice president

Graham has been a Director of the North Shore Winter Club for the last six years and has served as the Vice-President of the Club for the last three years. In this regard he has acted as a member of the Executive of the Club, as the Chair of the Governance Committee, as a member of the Finance Committee, and as the Liaison to the Tennis Committee. Prior to retirement, Graham was the EVP and CFO of a multi-billion energy company and also had responsibility as the President and CEO of its non-regulated business. In addition to the Winter Club, Graham has served on the Board of Directors of a number of companies in diverse sectors, and as Director and Treasurer of Shaughnessy Golf Club

Graham is an enthusiastic tennis player and he and his wife enjoy the sports and the camaraderie experienced in the Club.

Doug Bellsecretary

I have been a member since 1993, playing Senior Men’s hockey as well as being part of the NSWC Weasel tournament team. I own and operate a conglomerate of 6 corporations in manufacturing and distribution with 930 employees, and selling to 45 countries world-wide. I have strong finance, marketing, human resources, and business development skills with a high level of legal and accounting business knowledge.

From the very beginning in 1993, I have had a very high level of passion for the NSWC: “Our Club”. I have had the honor to lead our Membership through some troubled times in the early 2000’s, and watch it evolve to become economically stable and a thriving Family Club. I bring to the Board 20+ years of Club experience and history; a passion to excel; and a clear and impartial perspective to represent the Membership’s interest in the evolution of “Our Club”.

Joel McLeantreasurer

My family joined the North Shore Winter Club in 2017.  I have enjoyed getting to know the Winter Club and its members, and I committed to helping the club during the upcoming period of transition.

My wife, Cindy, and I have four wonderful children.  Since joining the club, my wife and daughter are both learning how to play tennis, and my oldest boys are learning how to play hockey.  We all love the pool and I am even learning how to playing Senior Men’s league hockey although I do not profess to be particularly skilled! As my youngest son has a number of special needs, I would like to focus on making the club as inclusive as possible for people of all abilities.

As my professional activities are focused on real estate development and finance, I believe that I am well suited to help the Winter Club as it moves forward towards redevelopment.  I have managed several financial companies primarily engaged in real estate development.  I sit on several for profit and non-profit boards.  I have experience working within both Canada and the US, financing multi-family/mixed retail developments.

In terms of my experience in a Corporate Directors role, I am a Director of Unisync Group (a TSX listed uniform provider), a Director of the McLean Family Foundation (a charitable foundation).  I am was formerly a Director of the Mortgage Investment Association of British Columbia for 6 years and I recently stepped down as a Director of Brockton School.

Kim Lyonsdirector

My family and I joined NSWC in 2017 we actively participate in Hockey, Tennis, Marlins, Pickleball and as many social events we can.  I enjoy volunteering my time to make our experience and the rest of the members experience the best it can be. I believe that getting involved is the only way to make positive change. 

As an already very active NSWC member, volunteer, and current board member I am seeking re-election to the Board of Directors.  The past few years have been very interesting to say the least. With one term under my belt and a pandemic hopefully in the rear-view, I am looking forward to working hard with the other Board of Directors trying to achieve the NSWC’s strategic goals and Objectives.

I work full time at the District of West Vancouver where I manage and lead a team who provide municipal services and information to residents and visitors at Municipal Hall from Property Taxes, Utilities, Permits, Bylaw infractions and anything else the public is seeking.  Currently, I sit on several work-related committees: the safety committee, recognition committee and Municipal Hall info committee.  Formerly I sat on the District of West Vancouver’s North Shore Emergency Management Communication committee.

Leanne Dennisdirector

I completed my Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young in 2000.  I hold a B.A in Psychology and a B.Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan.  My work background includes several years in public accounting practice in Saskatoon and Calgary with both large and small firms.  I moved into the Private Equity market in 2001 as a Controller with Tri-West Capital Partners for 4 years. I then moved into public healthcare when I joined the Provincial Health Services Authority in B.C. as a Business Analyst and later Project Director in finance.  I then worked from the home for several years bringing up two children.  In 2016 I purchased Uniglobe Travel Canada and am currently a Director in this corporate travel agency business that does over $1 Billion in annual billings.

My family and I are active members at the North Shore Winter Club.  The kids are involved in both boys and female hockey, junior tennis and various summer programs.  My husband Frank plays senior men’s hockey at the club and both Frank and I are very involved in tennis and also enjoy pickleball to at the club.


Renata Smidovadirector

Brian Tracey once said: “Become the community leader that people would follow voluntarily: even if you had no title or position.”

I have endeavored to live my life by these words, both personally and professionally. Life is a journey that never stops teaching us. Life is constantly evolving. I believe that it is how we cope. challenge and learn from it, is what defines us. I am of the opinion that we all have a duty to use our journey to enrich our lives personally and professionally, as well as the lives of our families and our communities.

I draw on my experiences as a child in Europe, as an adult in Canada, and when having to start up my professional career again in nursing. As a young adult, UNESCO army graduate and immigrant, I learned to facilitate various situations for my own survival. I have been a registered nurse, clinical educator and healthcare leader with Fraser Health for over 20 years. All of my unique experiences brought with them a different set of challenges and solutions that were instrumental in my development and shapes who I am today. All of my successes are related to these important factors; curiosity, strong work ethic, passion for human kind and my community.

I am an active and proud NSWC member, volunteer, hockey mom and tennis player.  As a Director on the NSWC Board, I will draw from 20 years of professional leadership and family centered approach to create meaningful opportunities for each and every single member of our NSWC community. I will work collaboratively, as well as, be part of a network of like-minded professionals who aspire to make NSWC better for all of us.

I look forward to fulfilling my commitment towards the club strategies, goals and commitments through the NSWC Board of Directors platform in order to continue my lifelong journey to learn.

Deb Gilldirector

My family joined the NSWC in 2015 – for the same reason that many do – we were looking for a stronger hockey program (with better access to ice!) for our (then-7-year-old) son.   We didn’t realise then how much ‘the club’ would become a central part of our community and family as it has since we walked through the door for the first time.  Both of our children (Owen – now 15 and Sydney – almost 12) have found sports that they love and we all have found lifelong friends.

My professional career has been spent working with technology companies to realise their corporate goals by working across the business to plan the evolution of product lines. A key aspect to success in my role is communication and collaboration across teams – and I utilize this skill in organizations where I volunteer as well.  I have deep experience working closely with legal, finance, engineering, and operational professionals to execute on growth and profitability goals – and love building businesses forward!

I can be found at the club year-round almost daily.   I enjoy the connections that I’ve been fortunate to make, getting to know many of you, as well as our fantastic staff.  I have been heavily involved in both hockey and the Marlins swim team for a number of years.

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