North Shore Swim Program

Summer at the NSWC is spent outside. Swimming lessons run May – September in the outdoor pool located in the courtyard of the Club surrounded by grass areas and our Tiki Bar. If you or your child are looking to improve their swimming, you can book our 10 day lesson sets or private lessons. Contact with any questions.

Not sure which program to put your child in?

Please take a look at the program equivalent charts to see which Swim for Life program your child should be in.  These also apply if North or West Vancouver Recreation swimming lessons were taken.


Swim for Life is a complete learn-to-swim program from Parent & Tot through to Leadership. Easy to program and easy to explain, Swim for Life leads seamlessly into the Society’s lifesaving training awards. The program is endorsed by the International Life Saving Federation and the Commonwealth Royal Life Saving Society.

Swim for Life Preschool Programs

Swim for Life Preschool ensures children become comfortable in the water and have fun developing a foundation of water skills. The Swim for Life Preschool Program gives children a head start on learning to swim. They’ll have fun developing the basics to be safe and confident little swimmers. Water Smart® education is part of every Preschool level.

Recommended Age: 3 yr – 5 yr

Swimmer Programs

Swim for Life Swimmer levels make sure your child learns how to swim before they get in too deep. Each level challenges school aged children 5 years and older to develop safe entries, deep water support, underwater skills, and swimming strokes. Kids learn everlasting healthy habits by getting and staying fit. Swimmer levels include fun, hands on teaching activities that focus on teaching water safety — lessons that will last a lifetime!

Recommended Age: 5 yr – 12 yr


Canadian Swim Patrol

Canadian Swim Patrol provides enriched training for young swimmers who are ready to go beyond learn-to-swim with introduction to water proficiency, first aid and recognition and rescue skills. As an on-ramp to lifesaving, lifesaving sport and lifeguarding, the prerequisite is the ability to swim.

Rookie Patrol

This program is for those that can do stride entries and compact jumps as well as confidently can do leg only surface support for 45 seconds, sprint 25m breaststroke, swim 100m on front crawl and back crawl.

Ranger Patrol

Must have completed Rookie Patrol

Star Patrol

Must have completed Ranger Patrol


Bronze Medallion

Bronze Medallion teaches an understanding of the lifesaving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education: judgment, knowledge, skill, and fitness.  Rescuers learn self-rescue techniques, defense and release methods, and tows and carries in preparation for challenging rescues involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types, including spinal injuries and circulatory emergencies.  Lifesavers develop stroke efficiency and endurance in a timed swim.  Includes the CPR-A certification.

Bronze Cross

After Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safety supervision in aquatic facilities.  Candidates develop proficiency at performing patient assessments, managing aquatic spinal injuries, and preventing the loss of life in a variety of aquatic emergencies, while developing stroke endurance and fitness training skills.  Includes the CPR-C certification and worth high school credits.

Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons are taught by qualified Lifesaving Society Swim Instructors. You will increase your comfort level in the water, improve your stroke efficiency, and create a more effective swim workout. Private lessons provide the greatest flexibility and one-on-one attention for swimmers of any age.

Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming is for any adults who enjoy swimming for fitness and recreation and who wish to improve their swimming ability.  We offer regular, structured training sessions under the watchful eye of a swim coach.  Practices emphasize stroke improvement, cardiovascular activity, and progressive fitness training.

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