Join The NSWC On A Trial Membership


Trial Membership is a unique opportunity to introduce Singles, Couples, and Families to membership on a one-time trial basis for a maximum of one year.

Trial Members are granted full access to the Club and can participate in any programs and activities at preferred member rates. Entrance fee can be credited towards Full Membership within five years.




  • Free access to the fitness center and the opportunity to register for value-added personal and group training programs and fitness classes.
  • Summer, professional day, and holiday kid’s camps, including hockey, tennis, and multi sport camps to keep your children entertained.
  • Free access to the inviting outdoor pool, which includes a dive tank and wading pool, as well as summer activities, swimming lessons, and the Marlins Swim Team.
  • Parties, BBQs, and exciting social events on the Tiki Deck, in the Lounge, and in the Club Café.
  • Talented tennis coaching staff with four outdoor courts and seven indoor courts, as well as four indoor and two outdoor pickleball courts. Access to tennis leagues, ladders, socials, and tournaments.




The $4,000+GST (Family/Couple) or $2,500+GST (Single) entrance fee is non-refundable. Monthly dues are as follows:

Family:  $464+ GST per month

Couple: $392+GST per month

Single: $287+GST per month


Participation in Minor Hockey is only available for initiation aged players, players in the female programs, and recreation players at the House Level. All Rep players must be Full Members.

No voting privileges.