The NSWC recognizes that involvement in any sport can present significant costs for team specific equipment/swag, development, tournament registration costs, travel expenses, or facility improvements. The Club endeavors to assist our members in meeting those financial obligations through fundraising & sponsorship activities. 

We want to ensure that NSWC players, members, team managers, coaches and parents understand the Club’s fundraising and sponsorship policies, and authorized activities.  As the Club is a non-profit organization under the Societies Act, any unauthorized fundraising activities could put the Club’s non-profit status in jeopardy, and/or damage the NSWC brand.

Fundraising/Sponsorship activities that raise funds must be utilized for equal benefit of all members of the team or department.

Please review the NSWC policies, and contact if you have any questions. 

All fundraising/sponsorship activities need to be pre-approved by the COO/General Manager or his/her delegate, prior to commencing.

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