The Marlins Swim Team develops competitive swimmers of all ages in a fun, social and focused environment.  Training in NSWC’s outdoor pool facility between May and mid-August, athletes focus on stroke development (freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke) and race techniques (dive starts, turns, streamlines and breakouts) toward continual individual improvement, within a strong team context.  Guided by Marlins’ coaches, each swimmer sets personal goals and develops a complimentary training and competition schedule to support success.  Depending on goals and commitment, swimmers can attend upwards of 120 swim practices and ten two-day swim meets, plus Regional and Provincial Championships, over the course of our short season.  The winter maintenance season begins the first weekend of October.

While Marlins provides high intensity cross-training for athletes, many quickly get the bug to race and swimmers are encouraged to compete in at least one meet and the Regional Championships each season.  Competition allows a swimmer to showcase their progress, and to contribute to the team’s points (collected at meets), but most importantly, to create memories of a lifetime alongside their teammates in Marlinville.  Marlins offer different Divisions for swimmers aligned to age and/or skill.  Please note that new Marlins will be assessed for group placement.

Mini Marlins

This division is geared to our youngest swimmers (ages 5 and up) and those new to swimming.  Must be able to completely submerge their body under water, and able to push off from the wall without assistance.

Intro Marlins

These swimmers can swim the length of a pool without assistance and will begin to learn proper swimming techniques.

Juniors, Intermediates, & Seniors

In these divisions, swimmers build-on and refine skills and techniques already developed.  Many of our swimmers begin as Minis and continue to the Senior ranks, with many becoming Junior Leaders, and even Coaches; a testament to the strength and value of our program.


Summer swimming is unique in that it is an individual and team sport at the same time. The mission of the Marlins Swim Team is to embrace all levels of swimmers with the tools and opportunity to achieve any goal they may set.  Every swimmer will enjoy success with hard work, dedication, and support from teammates, coaches and parents.  The Marlins Swim Team ascribes to a well-defined program where each swimmer is encouraged to gradually increase their degree of commitment to achieve success at every level of training.  The team provides a positive environment and an opportunity for young people to learn, to enjoy and to compete with an eye toward long term results.


The purpose of the Marlins Swim Team is to develop competitive swimmers as athletes and people. We understand that the real meaning of winning is to reach one’s own potential. We strive to not only produce swimming champions but champions in life. We provide coaching for all levels of swimmers up to 18 years of age, including those interested in competing and those interested in improving their strokes and endurance.  Beginning swimmers must be able to swim at least one length of the pool unassisted.


Our coaching team is experienced, hold instructor certifications, and enjoy working with children and youth. Coaches have been carefully selected for their leadership skills and mix of experience.


There are volunteer positions available and we welcome everyone with open arms!  Learn a new role and assist the team to build succession plans.  It takes a large group of dedicated volunteers to make the Marlins Swim Team a success.  If your kids are enjoying themselves, it is much more fun and interesting to get involved.


President – marlins.president@nswc.ca
Registrar – marlins.registrar@nswc.ca
Inquiries – marlins.conversation@nswc.ca


Program costs and registration information can be found on our website, www.nswc.ca



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