Committee Minutes

Committee minutes are available upon request.  Please contact Kim Hirji at with the committee name and meeting date(s) for specific minutes.

Interested in Volunteering on a Committee?

There is a lot happening at the Club right now!  What better time to volunteer a few hours a month for whatever sport, cause, or passion project you believe in.  In the current NSWC Strategic Plan, one of our key principles and values is that “The North Shore Winter Club will be well-governed.”  In that effort, we have identified the following Strategies:

  • The Board and Committees will be demographically well-balanced, with members representing all profiles of the Club.
  • The Club will follow the Strategic Plan and continually update it at annual Board retreats.
  • The various Committee’s will be connected to the Board and the Strategic Plan, and be aware of the Club’s Mission and Vision and Goals.
  • New Board Members will be provided with an effective ‘on-boarding’ process.
  • The Board, Committees, and Staff will operate with exceptional professionalism, ethics, and transparency.
  • The communication/decision making process will follow best practices, such as; GM to President to Executive Committee to Board to Members.
  • The Club will have an effective ‘House Committee’ to address any discipline within the membership.
  • The Board will annually review the Club’s Rules and Policies.

We are often seeking new volunteers to join the many dozens of volunteers currently sitting on our various committees.  Committees include Finance, Facilities, Minor Hockey, Governance, Long Range Planning, Fitness, Food and Beverage, Tennis, and Marlins.

More Information

If you are interested in joining a Committee, please contact us and the Committee Chair will follow up with you.

For further information, please email us at