NSWC Ice Re-Opening – May 20


Firstly, on behalf of the staff team and board, we want to thank everyone for their support as we navigate these challenging times and unknowns. Everyone has been truly amazing through this!  We were very excited to re-open the Club on May 13th; it was thrilling to welcome people back. Your patience and cooperation with the new procedures is greatly appreciated. Thank you for diligently reading the provided materials and following the pre-entrance instructions; your cooperation has allowed for things to run very smooth so far.

The Board and Management have continued to evolve the re-opening strategy, and have established procedures based on ongoing discussions with the Provincial Health Authorities, other private clubs and a number of other industries.   The Board has approved the next phase of re-opening, which includes access to our ice rinks beginning May 20, 2020.

To start, we are pleased to offer FREE family ice rentals with the hopes that each and every family of the club can get back on the ice for at least an hour.  This offer is open to every family, and you can use the ice as a single skater, kids only or with your whole family. The only stipulation is that all skaters much be immediate family members, residing in the same household. This will be available until early June with the goal that every family who wishes to get on the ice can do so.

In addition, we will soon be announcing a summer development program that will offer all players or all ages, male and female, an opportunity to develop their skills while still practicing social distancing. This will include group sessions as well as private development sessions (both of which will begin May 25th).

Full details on how to book and other policies are outlined below.

It is also our plan to open the Fitness Centre for member access only, as well as personal/small group training, the week of May 25th.  More details will be sent out on this later next week.

Finally, we are receiving guidance on a daily basis with regards to our food and beverage options, and we hope to announce a plan later next week on when and how the Tiki Deck and the pool will be accessible to members.

Before you decide to book to participate, we ask that you read over the complete document detailing the preventative and protective measures that have been taken in order to prepare our facility for your return.

Our Phase One hours of operation will have the club open at 8:45am and close at 9:00pm.  The ice rinks will be open 9:00am – 7:15pm. The Café will offer take-out food between the hours of 12:00pm – 7:00pm, seven days a week.

The safety of our members, employees, and community is paramount, and we are being very prudent with our steps to ensure we work under the direction we’ve been given so we can help to reduce, support the control of, and prevent the spread of COVID-19.   We require that members take responsibility for their own safe behaviours and protecting themselves and others by:

  • Engaging in safe social interaction: respecting and observing the recommended physical distancing measures of 6’ or 2m at all times.
  • Exercising diligent personal hygiene: adhering to posted hand washing procedures and any required disinfecting procedures.
  • Not coming to the Club under any circumstances if you or any members of your household are ill or experiencing symptoms including cough, fever, fatigue, or shortness of breath.

Health authorities have stated that in order to operate in the current context, we must not operate our restaurant for more than take out service, and must not host mass gatherings involving more than 50 people (but could have more than 50 people on site if social distancing is being observed).

Please note that the COVID-19 situation is ever-changing, and the Board and Management may adjust operations as required.  We hope you can appreciate the value of this process and thank you for your patience as we take the time to do the right thing.


  • If you are sick or have any Covid-19 symptoms whatsoever, you are not allowed to come to the club
  • Each member visiting the Club for activities must fill out two (2) forms, ONE TIME ONLY: the online waiver and self declaration form. Click HERE for the WAIVER, click HERE for the SELF DECLARATION FORM. For Members under 18, a parent or guardian must fill out the forms on their behalf.
  • These must be filled out before visiting the ClubClub access will not be permitted if you have not filled out the forms.
  • Only members who have pre-booked will be allowed access to the club and must check-in at Member Services.  Children of players will not be allowed access if they are not booked to participate in activities.
  • Members may enter the club 15 mins prior to their booking, and must vacate the club immediately after their activity booking ending.  If you arrive earlier, please wait in your car in the parking lot.
  • Regular parking is available. Valid parking stickers are required.
  • Avoid parking next to another car in the Club’s lot whenever possible.
  • Members must utilize the hand sanitizer dispenser before entering the Clubhouse.  Hand sanitizing stations will be provided throughout various areas for members to sanitize their hands before and after play.
  • Washroom access will be limited.  No senior locker room, steam room, sauna or shower access will be permitted. Please arrive for your activity pre-dressed for play.
  • If you need items from your locker please contact Member Services in advance to set up an appointment to clear your locker
  • Food take-out will be available from 12pm – 7pm, with expanded hours coming soon. The to-go menu is available HERE.
  • Members will be required to bring their own water/water bottles, towels and necessary equipment/gear.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a caregiver or adult who actively supervises at all time.  Immediate family only.  One parent supervisor only needed per pre-booked group.
  • Restrictions on Club access
    1. No guests or non-members allowed access until further notice
    2. No reciprocal, non-residents allowed access until further notice
    3. No outside functions booked until further notice
    4. Booking access will only be permitted to members that are in Good Standing.  Members accounts must be current within 60 days, or have a pre-arranged payment plan set up with the Accounts Manager, Kristeen DeGobbi, (778-588-9491Members who do not follow the protocol set out here and below may be subject to immediate suspension by Management.



To abide by the social distancing protocols, Phase 1 will be as follows:

  1. Private Family Bookings (starting May 20th): All persons from the same household (adult supervision required if players under the age of 16 years old)
  2. Private Lessons (starting May 25th): one (1) coach with up to four (4) skaters (skaters do not need to be from same household).
  3. Private Family Rentals (starting May 25th based on availability): All persons from the same household (adult supervision required if players under the age of 16 years old)
  4. NSWC Developmental Sessions (Starting the week of May 25th): one (1) coach with up to four (4) skaters (skaters do not need to be from same household)


  • Ice Rinks will be open between 9:00 am and 7:15pm.
  • A schedule will be released on Game Time designating times slots as either private lessons or member rentals.
  • Physical distancing of 2m (6ft) between one another is mandatory both on and off the ice, and will be in effect at all times.  Only shooting, passing, and skating permitted.  No battle or contact play allowed.
  • OPEN HOCKEY – Due to physical distancing requirements and having to ensure safe, and appropriate supervision at all times, open hockey, even with limited numbers, will not be available at this time, but included in future phases.
  • All ice slots are a maximum of 1 hour, with 30 minutes in between for ice cleaning and disinfecting.
  • ALL players names need to be booked in Game Time in order to access the building.
  • Players 16 and under must arrive dressed in gear (without skates).  Considerations will be made for goaltenders.
  • Members 16 and under must have 1 adult supervising the rink which they are on. Designated viewing areas will be marked.
  • Siblings are not allowed in the facility unless booked on the ice.
  • No access to showers for players.  Please shower at home.
  • Players must have their own water bottle (absolutely no sharing).
  • Absolutely no spitting on club property.
  • Any violation of the outlined policies and procedures will result in a suspension and or cancellation of your ice session/rental immediately and you will be asked to exit the NSWC. NO REFUNDS GIVEN.


  • Players and coaches must arrive 15-20 mins prior to their ice session and line up to enter through the front lobby.
  • Players must enter the NSWC through the main front lobby (Signs will be posted accordingly).
  • When entering the NSWC facility, it is mandatory for each person to have filled out the NSWC Declaration form & the waiver and answer screening questions.  Caution must be taken to socially distance from other people entering or exiting the Club.
  • Small and large ice viewing areas will be closed. Spectators may view the rink at designated markers.
  • Once inside the building, players must go to their designated dressing room.
  • There will be designated seating, for each player and coach in the rink to be able to put on and take off their skates.

Small Ice: Family Dressing Room
Large Ice: Viewing End Zone: Rooms 1 & 2; Scoreboard End Zone: Rooms 7 & 8
HTC: Area designated beside HTC rink

  • Access to Large Ice & HTC dressing rooms will be through the Hockey Hallway.
  • Click HERE for online Club map
  • Adult spectators may watch the HTC rink in the HTC lobby on the designated, marked spots.
  • Everyone must exit from their ice session by walking along the Large Ice outside viewing area and out the exit doors by the front desk.
  • Small and large ice viewing areas will be closed. Can view out by the rink at designated markers.
  • The café, lounge, and staff offices are closed to everyone.


FREE FAMILY ICE RENTALS (one per family)

  • Online bookings are to be made on Game Time.  Bookings will open at 9am on Tuesday May 19th.  Bookings can be made up to 6 days in advance.
  • All players booking the ice for open play must be from the same household.
  • ALL players names must be identified on Game Time, as only those listed will be allowed in the Club.
  • With the opening of the rinks and group sizes being limited for this first phase, we expect to experience a very high demand for ice times. Due to this demand, bookings on Game Time will be limited to ONE rental per family.
  • Full gear is required for those under the age of 18.
  • No shows will result in a $25 charge and could result in loss of booking privileges.
  • Must have one adult on-ice (a parent or coach approved by NSWC Hockey Department) should players be under the age of 16.
  • Ice rentals will be free to members until June 5th (this date may be reduced or extended due to demand. Our goal is for each family to have at least one ice time)
  • All bookings are non-transferable.


In addition to the one FREE ice allocation, members may also make additional private ice rental bookings IF THERE IS ICE AVAILABLE.

FAMILY ONLY – If all participants are from the same household, you may rent the ice with parental supervision (if all participants are under the age of 16) and without any non-household participants. Parental supervision is not required of one of the household members skating or supervising is over the age of 16, but is still responsible for all distancing and other preventative measures outlined above are maintained.

Due to expected demand, bookings on Game Time will be limited to ONE rental at a time, per family.  Once your rental time is over, the family is permitted to book another.  This will be strictly monitored.

Note: Phase Two will allow supervision by a coach OR a parent, and will be more flexible with capacities and players outside of the household, based on Health Authority guidelines. In phase two, if you choose, you will be able to book small/HTC ice and one of our approved development instructors. Adding an instructor will be completely optional. Date & details TBD.

HTC ICE   (Monday – Sunday), 10:00am – 6:30pm
COST: $70 HR (regular rate $125)

SMALL ICE  (Saturday & Sunday ONLY), 9:30am – 6:00pm
COST: $70 HR (regular $125)

SKILLS ICE (Saturday & Sunday ONLY), 10:15am – 6:45pm
COST: $60 HR (regular rate $100)
(up to 2 players total, includes players & goalies)

To book a private ice rental please visit Game Time by clicking HERE.  If you have any questions or concerns with regards to ice rentals, please email bmccuaig@nswc.ca .

PRIVATE LESSONS (starting May 25th)

  • Members are to contact the coaches directly to arrange private lessons. To see a list of all of our development coaches and their posted hourly rate, please click HERE.
  • Coaches will be provided with assigned ice slots for private lessons on all of our various ice surfaces
  • Each player may book a maximum of 2 lessons per week, Monday – Sunday.  This will be strictly monitored.
  • The coach is responsible for keeping physical distance amongst players and coaches.
  • Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued if cancelled within 24 hours of private lesson start time.  No shows and last minute cancellations could result in loss of booking privileges.

Small Ice (up to 5 people total at one time)
•     A ratio of one (1) coach to a maximum of four (4) players, including goalie, per group.
•    One group permitted at a time
•    Small ice private lessons slots (Monday – Friday), 9:30am – 6pm

Large Ice (Up to 10 people total at one time)
•     A ratio of one (1) coach to a maximum of four (4) players, including goalie, per group.
•    Up to 2 groups permitted at a time (on each end of the rink)
•    Development coaches would be booked on either end zone.
•    Large ice private lessons slots (Monday – Sunday), 9:15am -7:15pm

Skills Ice (Goalie Privates ONLY)
•    A ratio of (1) coach to a maximum of (1) goalie.
•    One group permitted at a time
•    Skills Ice Private Lesson Slots (Monday – Friday), 10:15am – 6:45pm

DEVELOPMENTAL SESSIONS (starting the week of May 25th)

We will be announcing next week a schedule of development sessions that are available to all players. These will be hourly sessions focusing on developing skills (shooting, skating, etc).

  • Sessions will be offered for booking in Game Time, starting the week of May 25th
  • Sessions will be broken into specific skills and age groups (i.e. Peewee, H3-4 etc.)
  • Sessions will be first come, first served, available 24 hours in advance.
  • Players will be limited to once per week until we better understand demand
  • Costs to participate will be disclosed in advance of registration opening


  • All Coaches stepping on our ice must be approved by the Hockey Department or be on the NSWC Development Team list. Click HERE for current approved coaches.
  • All coaches must sign a NSWC declaration form before entering the facility
  • Coaches are required to wear helmets while on the ice at the NSWC
  • A practice plan must be presented to the Hockey Department for approval prior to your ice session. This is mandatory to be able to go on the ice. The practice plan must follow the physical distancing procedures.
  • There will be no group gatherings on the ice at any time. This includes during the instruction of drills and white boarding; physical distancing is always in effect.
  • Shooting, passing & skating drills are permitted.
  • No battle or compete drills are allowed.  No contact.
  • Coaches will be required to put their skates on at a designated area beside each ice rink.
  • Coaches are required to use the provided cleaning supplies and wipe down gate, benches or any other touched surface after each ice session.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything outlined above, please email Emily Allen at eallen@nswc.ca.