Rep Coaches Announced for 2020-21 Season

Dear Hockey Members,

I trust this finds you safe, sound and sane! For all of us quarantined with young kids, I’m sure we’ve developed an enhanced appreciation for the outlet hockey and the Club provides our little players ; )

This period of isolation has required an enormous amount of commitment, selflessness and empathy from everyone. Qualities that we believe the game of hockey reinforces. The good news is that there are signs that suggest hockey is on track to start on time in September. I say this cautiously but remain optimistic. I know collectively all our fingers are crossed.

In preparation for next season we are pleased to announce some of our rep coaching staffs for the 2020-21 season. We will make further coaching announcements (both male & female) once our registration numbers become clearer and we can evaluate how many teams we will have per division.

On that note, if you haven’t registered already please do so by clicking HERE

One thing that stands out amongst the staffs listed below is the continuity. All the coaches listed below are returning from last season and several have 3+ years of service to NSWC. We believe this commitment from our coaches signals a healthy minor hockey culture and we thank them all for their commitment to our players.

Also, coaches Mike Stewart, Malcolm Allen, Malcolm Gould, Luke Tully, and Callahan Brebner grew up playing minor hockey at the Club and are NSWC Alumni.

Atom A1

Head Coach: Luke Kasteel (5 th season at NSWC & 3rd season with Atom A1)

Assistant Coach: Malcolm Gould (2nd season at NSWC & 1st season with Atom A1)

Atom A2

Head Coach: Ted Everton (4th season at NSWC & 3rd season with Atom A2)

Assistant Coach: Tak Chijiwa (4th season at NSWC & 3rd season with Atom A2)

Pee Wee A1

Head Coach: John Woodyard (5th season at NSWC & 2nd season with Peewee A1)

Assistant Coach: Jared Eng (2nd season at NSWC & 1st season with Peewee A1)

Pee Wee A2

Head Coach: Chris Cusano (7th season at NSWC & 4th season with Peewee A2)

Co-Coach: Mike Stewart (5th season at NSWC & with Peewee A2)

Pee Wee A3

Head Coach: Christian Reaume (4th season at NSWC & with Peewee A3)

Bantam A1

Head Coach: Bob McCuaig (5th season with NSWC & 2nd season with Bnatam A2)

Assistant Coach: Malcolm Allen (5th season with NSWC & 2nd season with Bnatam A2)

Midget A1

Head Coach: Luke Tully (5th season with NSWC & 2nd season with Midget A1)

Co-Coach: David Prestage (5th season with NSWC & 2nd season with Midget A1)

Assistant Coach: Callahan Brebner (2nd season with NSWC & with Midget A1)

On behalf of the NSWC Hockey Department, the Minor Hockey Committee and our coaches, I can’t emphasize enough how much we are looking forward to seeing our players back on the ice.


Take care,

Aaron Wilbur

Director of Hockey