Bryce Zurowski


I joined the NSWC in 2015, and my family and I are active participants in tennis, hockey, pickleball, summer camps, and social events at the club. Our 3 children are enrolled in hockey and tennis, my wife and I are active tennis and hockey players, and our involvement in the club has become a staple of our everyday activities. I personally am also an active mountain biker, golfer, and skier, and I’ve made fitness and recreation a pillar of my life.

Professionally, I have background in marketing, financial management, general management and entrepreneurship. After a commerce degree at the University of Calgary, my career began in brand marketing and led to general management in the brewing industry, where I learned the tenants of successful long-term brand management, operational excellence and human resource stewardship in a public company setting. I then spent time in the design industry, working with clients in the food & beverage, construction and hospitality industries, among others. Much of my work in this industry was with multidisciplinary teams to understand the motivations, decision-making style and stress behaviors of disparate team members, leading to renewed corporate and brand strategies.

Currently, I own and operate a company that I acquired with a business partner in 2013, driving growth through M&A activity and the development of a strong leadership team. My focus is on our corporate vision, capital deployment, operational process improvement and future acquisitions.

I have been a long-time volunteer hockey coach, a spring hockey program manager, a member of the Entrepreneurs Association, and have been a board director for a non-for-profit organization.