2019-2020 NSWC Minor Hockey Awards



MVP: Harrison Brine

Coaches Comments: Was our leader from the first practice to the final game, on the ice and in the changeroom. Harrison was consistent in his positive attitude and hard work throughout the season.  He led the team in chances created and offensive output.


Hardest Worker: Max Einhorn

Coaches Comments: Max worked tirelessly being a two-way winger.  His positional play and ability to get back and help the defense made him our hardest worker.


Best Defensive Player: Jackson Binns

Coaches Comments: Our top defenseman this season.  We depended on him in all situations.  Other teams had difficulty getting past him and he was constantly clearing our zone of trouble.


Most improved: Asher Eddy

Coaches Comments: This year was Asher’s first as a goalie.  He worked incredibly hard and spent time going to additional goalie training all season.  His hard work paid off as he became a solid performer for us when we got into playoffs and some late season tournaments.





MVP: Eli Beselt

Coaches Comments: Throughout the season, Eli demonstrated what an incredibly diligent and talented hockey player he is. A true 200 foot player, Eli led by example in all areas of the ice. His intelligence is beyond his years, allowing him to see and make plays at an elite level. He plays with class, and has a quiet leadership about him that made for an excellent captain.


Hardest Worker: Ethan Lyle

Coaches Comments: The most impressive thing about Ethan’s work ethic was how consistently he brings his best effort. Game or practice, first drill or last minute of play, it didn’t matter. He earned the respect of his teammates through his tireless compete. Consistently out working opponents on the wall, Ethan made life easy for his teammates by always finding a way to win pucks.


Best Defensive Player: Alex Liang

Coaches Comments: Alex played such a large part in our team’s success this season. Our forwards had so much confidence in Alex that we would just play 3 high and let Alex deal with the ensuing rushes! (I kid, I kid… sort of). Whether it was breaking up an odd man rush, skating the puck out of trouble, or scoring a huge goal in final 4, Alex was relied upon and came up big every time. His skating ability is unmatched, and that speed allowed him to win every single race to a puck.


Most improved: Cooper Woeste

Coaches Comments: It was very impressive to see the strides Cooper made as a hockey player this year. Always a cerebral player, it was Cooper’s ability to make plays with the puck that improved dramatically throughout the season. He earned the coaches trust by limiting mistakes, making great passes, and by the end of the year was skating the puck with confidence. Never caught without a smile on his face, I believe it was Coopers positive attitude that helped him grow this season.





MVP: Ethan Mah

Coaches Comments: Ethan established himself early in the season as one of our top players. He scored many big goals for the team and had lots of assists. More importantly, he was a great team player and leader. Ethan’s unselfish attitude combined with his high skill level makes him our MVP. Well-deserved, Ethan!


Hardest Worker: Mikhail Maliouguine

Coaches Comments: Mikhail worked extremely hard in both practices and games. In addition, he was a great team player with lots of skill. He worked just as hard in the defensive zone as he did trying to score goals which is one of the many reasons Mikhail deserves this award. Congratulations Mikhail!


Best Defensive Player: Brett Kristensen

Coaches Comments: Brett is a very talented player with a heavy shot. He was our most reliable defensemen throughout the season. Brett was very strong in front of our net and in the corners. He made effective plays in the defensive zone and more importantly, made his defense partner and teammates better. Well-deserved, Brett!


Most improved: Beck Charlton

Coaches Comments: Beck had an awesome season and will continue to get better and better. He worked extremely hard in practice, development sessions and in games. Beck was very coachable and always put the team first. By the middle/end of the season Beck was using his McDavid speed, and was our best player in many games. Congratulations Beck!





MVP:  Carson Miller

Coaches Comments:  As our team’s scoring leader, it would be easy to pick Carson simply due to his impact on the scoresheet, however he became much more than that throughout the season. A true leader both on and off the ice, Carson was named our team’s captain due to his responsible and mature attitude while at the rink. Carson’s competitiveness makes him an inspiring player to be around, and his positive leadership approach helped develop a team-first attitude in our dressing room this season. Carson put a great amount of effort in to becoming the leader of this team, and this showed itself in many ways. Whether it was blasting a shot through the goalie on the counter-attack, or keeping the team focused during the pregame warm up, or filling teammates’ water bottles, or going first during skating drills in practice, or encouraging someone who needed a boost…. Carson had a significant impact on the success we experienced as a team this season.


Hardest Worker: Sam Shepard

Coaches Comments:  From the first time he took to the ice with our team, Sam showed a true passion for working his hardest. Often near the front of the line during drills, Sam is a player who is eager to contribute to the team every time he hits the ice. His effort was present in all situations – forechecking, backchecking, on the boards, in front of both nets, and during all practice drills. Sam’s positive attitude and responsible approach to the team, combined with his persistent effort on the ice, contributed to him being a natural leader on this team. Sam is a very motivated and driven individual who rarely needed to be pushed by the coaching staff, which provided a great example for the rest for the team. Sam’s relentless effort and honest approach truly made everyone else around him better, while also allowing him to be a reliable player in all game situations.


Best Defensive Player: Ryley McNaughton

Coaches Comments:  Ryley is a natural defenseman who looks like he has been playing the position since he could first skate. Always approaching the game with a defense first attitude, Ryley is a very detail-oriented person who strives to improve his abilities and contribute to the team on a consistent basis. Often the first person to raise his hand to either ask or answer a question, Ryley is a true student of the game. Never scared to take a risk to make a play, Ryley helped lead our young defense group with his confident play and his willingness to be accountable for his performance. These traits became contagious amongst his peers, as did Ryley’s consistently positive and mature attitude. Ryley is a strong example of a defenseman who is willing to do all of the small things it takes to be good at his position – whether it’s covering an opponent in the slot, making a simple break out pass, holding the offensive blue line, taking quick shifts, blocking shots, or numerous other things that don’t necessarily receive the same praise as offensive statistics. We hope to see Ryley continue to grow as a reliable and responsible defenseman, as we know this is just the beginning of his journey as a successful hockey player.


Most Improved:  Anthony Boffo

Coaches Comments:  Anthony joined our team slightly under the radar, but we could tell from the first time we saw him that he possessed the potential to become a very strong defenseman. Anthony’s simple style of play, coupled with his dedication to working hard every time he is at the rink, really allowed for him to get the most out of himself during this season. Always keen to learn and get better, Anthony is a very responsive and engaged individual who demands the best from both himself and his teammates. Anthony consistently displayed the strong focus and commitment that is required to become a better hockey player, and because of these qualities it was not surprising that he improved as much as he did throughout this season.






MVP: Cam Zonailo

Coaches Comments: As a returning player, Cam really stepped up this year and took on a big role with our team. His speed and determination made it almost impossible for opposing players to stay with him. He finished the year with 118 points and 64 goals, including the game winner in our final game that clinched second place for our team at final four. Cam was dominant all season long.



Hardest Worker: Louis-Oscar Holowaychuk

Coaches Comments: Louis-Oscar earned this award for a second straight season with our team. As our team’s captain, he led by example, working hard on every aspect of his game. Louis-Oscar’s work ethic helped get our team on the right track at the beginning of the season. Louis-Oscar led our team from last place in November to finishing second overall. He had an outstanding final 4 where he led our team in scoring and had 3 goals and 2 assists to help us beat the nearly undefeated BWC A1’s 8-2.


Best Defensive Player: Daniel Taylor

Coaches Comments: Daniel had a fantastic season with our team. He showed up every day with a desire to work hard and improve his game. He excelled on 1 on 1s, shutting down the top players in the league on a regular basis. Possessing what we figured was the hardest shot in the league, Daniel didn’t just excel defensively. He also struck fear into the hearts of opposing players and goalies who had the job of blocking his shots.



Most Improved: Chris Stokes

Coaches Comments: Of all the players on our team who elevated their game for playoffs, none did so more than Chris Stokes. He had to learn a new position just before final four and he amazed us with how quickly he picked it up and thrived at it. Chris was one of our top players in the final four, shutting down everyone defensively and contributing offensively with 5 points in 3 games.



Jakub Spehar

Coaches Comments: Jakub showed real promise early in the season, keeping us in key games, allowing us the points we needed down the stretch. Jakub showed true composure and poise in the playoffs getting us into the finals. His ability and maturity were his strongest skills, his perseverance is what made him the obvious choice for our MVP.


Hardest Worker: Matthew Marsh

Coaches Comments: Matthew exemplified these words every shift, beaten battered and bruised he didn’t know the meaning of the word quit. His attitude in practice was the same as game situations and scores were irrelevant every shift was played like it was his last.


Best Defensive Player: Cole Paterson

Coaches Comments: The Captain of our team showed true grit protecting our goaltender and his own zone at all costs. His leadership and maturity set the bar for the rest of the players the entire season.


Most Improved Player: Justin Erickson

Coaches Comments: Justin grew tremendously as a player this year. His confidence and patience payed off at both ends of the ice. His production offensively was at an all time high and his patience and focus on the penalty kill made him our “Go to Guy.”




MVP: Cohen Harder

Coaches Comments: Cohen was a force in both ends of the ice. He was our most consistent defenseman for the first half of the season and then converted to centre for a large portion of the second half. Not only was Cohen second in team scoring, he was a stalwart on both special teams.


Hardest Worker: Hudson Guiel

Coaches Comments: Hudson loves playing hockey. He is a fixture on the practice sheet in the HTC and brought his passion every game and practice. His coaches love how he showed his teammates that hard-work and fun can be two parts of the same thing.


Best Defensive Player: Ty James

Coaches Comments: Having one goaltender for a whole season can be taxing on a player. Ty embraced the challenge and rarely took time off. Whenever coverage broke down in our end, we could count on Ty to make the first and sometimes second and third saves.


Most Improved: Akira Hamilton

Coaches Comments: Akira was one of our most useful and adaptable players, often jumping between defense and forward from shift to shift. He was also one of our most coachable players and we could always count on him to put the team first.





Most Improved: Rhys Ulinder

Coaches Comments: Rhys was sponge this season who relished a challenge. Through out the season, Rhys continually improved not only physically through skill development, but mentally as well. His attention and reaction to ever changing game play scenarios and adaptation to the creative aspect of the game was second to none among his peers.


Hardest Worker: Ashton Mackay

Coaches Comments: Ashton would arrive to the arena with a determination and fire that should be praised with song. No challenge was too big or daring for him. His focus on putting his team before his self is commendable; from battling 1 on 1 with opponents 3 times his size,  blocking shots, and going to the greasy areas of the ice that many of his team mates wouldn’t dare to go, Ashton was true warrior that wanted to help his team succeed in any manner that he felt he could.



Best Defensive Player: Tristan Hoffart

Coaches Comments: Tristan always put the Logo and his team before himself. Recognizing his role as a defenceman, Tristan was our ROCK on the point when his team needed it most. His ability to contain opponents in their own end and breaking down odd man rushes was exemplary this season. He always knew when to rush the puck, and more importantly, when to stay home and protect in all 3 zones.



MVP: Luke Blanchard

Coaches Comments: I have never seen a player take such a beating on the ice and come back for more. Luke maybe small in stature, but where he lacks in size, he more than makes up for it with his heart! Luke’s leadership on and off the ice was a treat to experience. Be it helping his team mates tape their stick, filling their water bottles, to his ferocious intensity on the ice in practice and games, Luke would try to light a fire under his team’s ass through example. A true dream to coach, Luke showed what it takes to be beast on AND off the ice.




MVP: Devan Bahia

Coaches Comments: Willing to do anything for his team and our de facto leader, Devan controlled the game at all five skating positions.


Hardest Worker: Lukas Hoff

Coaches Comments: On a team stacked with hard workers, Lukas separated himself by taking a professional approach to the game, never taking off a shift or rep in practice.


Best Defensive Player: Chelsea Clark

Coaches Comments: The personification of “shut-down,” Chelsea was nearly unbeatable one-on-one. Her calm patrol of the defensive zone absorbed attacks like a thirsty sponge.


Most Improved: Keagan Lundie

Coaches Comments: Keagan’s steady improvement throughout the season had him go from empty net specialist to power play weapon.






MVP: Ty Coupland

Coaches Comments: Ty was an offensive leader for our team and contributed in all situations. Had the ability to take games over and forced the opposition to pay special attention to him, creating more space for his teammates. His big shot on the power play was a threat and so was his ability to score short-handed. From the start of the season to the finish, Ty was a consistent performer and was driven to be a difference maker in big games.


Hardest Worker: Tyson Osachoff

Coaches Comments: We had a lot of work horses on our team, but Tyson’s consistent, day in and day out commitment to giving his best effort was something really special. He took pride in all the small details of the game and put the same effort into preventing goals that he did in trying create offence. We never left the rink questioning if he had more to give and often used video clips of his play without the puck as teaching points for the rest of the team.


Best Defensive Player: Eli Davies

Coaches Comments: There were lot’s candidates worthy of this award but Eli stood out due to his ability to defend both with and without the puck. His skating ability and timing ensured he always had a great gap defending the rush and often broke up plays before the puck entered our zone. Eli’s skating, particularly his edgework, made life difficult for opposing forecheckers, as he was consistently able to transition the puck back to offense and make clean break out passes.


Most Improved: Nolan Grey

Coaches Comments: Nolan grew up playing defence and only auditioned once as a forward during try-outs. While it was a steep learning curve early on in the season, he was a keen student who was focused on making a positive contribution to the team. In the second half of the season, Nolan scored several big goals and injected energy into our line up with his ability to overwhelm the oppositions defenceman on the forecheck and his positive attitude on the bench




MVP: Koji Kasubuchi

Coaches Comments: As the Captain of our team, Koji embraced the responsibility to lead on and off the ice and did so by example of his effort and behavior. His attitude, sportsmanship and his skill was well respected by teammates, opponents and coaches. He blocked shots (sometimes from his teammates), scored highlights goals, made spectacular passes and did it all with grace and humility.


Best Defensive: Thomas Campbell

Coaches Comments: Thomas was our most reliable defenseman all year, rarely made a mistake and made the first pass out of our zone look routine, every single time. His quiet demeanor hides his competitive spirit and when required, could out skate anyone on the ice whether it was a teammate or opponent. Often asked to double shift, he never shied away from the task at hand and did it all with a smile.


Hardest Worker: Keyaan Jivraj

Coaches Comments: I have watched Keyaan progress over the years and it was a pleasure to finally have the opportunity to coach him this year. Whether at practice or games, he never took a shift off. Keyaan was relentless in his pursuit of the puck and was a great example to his teammates for his quiet, consistent effort.


Most Improved: Ben Vriend

Coaches Comments: Ben started the year as a quiet winger trying to figure out where to go in either end of the ice. His ability to learn the game quickly created the opportunity to play center early in the season. After just one practice and a few whiteboard sessions during one game, he understood the fundamentals of the position and then used common sense and his intelligence along with some well timed questions to further his understanding. Ben stepped in and filled a big void at center for our team and by the end of the season was, carrying his line and was an extremely effective center man.




MVP: Aidan Tidman

Coaches Comments:   A huge part of our team.  With Tids in the lineup we were able to stick with other teams top players game in and game out.  He is a good teammate and an extremely athletic player.


Hardest Worker:  Declan Lawlor

Coaches Comments: Declan was always prepared and focused for whatever task was at hand.  Whether he was starting or backing up, practice or game he prepared like it was game 7.


Best Defensive Player: Thomas Kennedy

Coaches Comments:  Thomas did everything for our team.  From playing against other teams top players to PP and PK he was extremely influential in every aspect of our game.  His skating made him a great defender who was very hard to play against and his Hockey IQ and selflessness made him an offensive threat.


Most improved: Lucas Davidson

Coaches Comments: LD went from being a very good player at the start of the year to an absolute game breaker by the end of the season.  It may have taken Lucas a while to really get a handle on the contact aspect of the game but once he got comfortable in Bantam he really started to take over games.






MVP:  Adam Gerbrecht

Coaches Comments:  “Gerb’s” or “Point Break” served as the Captain of the team.  Adam was a captain both on the ice and off, and served as an excellent role model for not only the 2nd and 3rd years, but the 1st years as well.  Adam was our most feared competitor on our team, strong on his skates, very agile, and was very versatile thru the lineup.  He has a very strong desire to lead and practices what he preaches.  He was always ready to play, whether it was practice or a game.


Hardest Worker:  James Lee

Coaches Comments:  James was an assistant captain on the team.  James is a very focused young man, and puts out maximum effort in both practice and games.  He is not afraid to speak up, whether it is to hold teammates accountable or if it is a decision that he feels the coaches need assistance in direction.  An intense and thoughtful player, he is a pleasure to have on the team, and look forward to his leadership in his final year of minor hockey next year.


Best Defensive Player:  Jack Brooks

Coaches Comments: Jack is our most steady and consistent all round defenseman, He doesn’t have a problem playing with or against any player. He skates well, and his confidence helps him take control defensively, and offensively, to help his team transition well from a bad position into a positive position. Both the team and coaches enjoyed Jack on the team.


Most improved:  Boston McAndrew

Coaches Comments:  Boston has been a great surprise this year.  Boston was originally a Forward, changing to defense last year where he had to learn the defensive role as it pertains to the benefits of team success.  Still learning the position, this assistant captain takes on the rough stuff (hence him unofficially winning the highest penalty minute recipient of the 2019/2020 season) and has been able to use his size and strength against the opposition. He is strong on the boards, and most of all he loves the camaraderie of his teammates.





MVP: Giacomo Carpinini

Coaches Comments: Our leading scorer throughout the year and played some of his best hockey in the playoffs. The coaches enjoyed watching the dangles he pulled off and how well he broke the puck out all year.


Hardest Worker: Toby Hoem

Coaches Comments: The coaches appreciated his leadership keeping the team focused and motivated. Consistently brought his full effort every ice time. Also, probably the fastest kid alive.


Best Defensive Player: Matthew Davidson

Coaches Comments: The team appreciated his hard work and bringing a steadying presence every game, especially when our defensive zone coverage was out to lunch.


Most improved: Ethan Rich

Coaches Comments: Was one of our leading scorers and played his best hockey in the playoffs. Was also the most well-liked guy by opponents to play against all year.





MVP: Cara Hewson

Coaches Comments: Cara has proven countless times this season that she will always give it 110% in anything you ask her to do. She is a leader on and off the ice and has been a huge asset for us. You can always count on her to encourage and support her teammates, keep the positive energy up on the bench, give it her all every shift, and really push herself at each practice. Every practice Cara showed up ready to work, and ready to improve on her skills. She frequently asked us this season what she could work on and how a play could be done differently. We frequently worked on backchecking this season which the girls usually dreaded, but Cara was always the first one to ask if we could do the continuous backcheck drill which requires the most skating and was always the first in line. During games Cara always worked her hardest and helped her line-mates reach success, a great example was she set up Jayda for not only her first goal of the season, but her first hattrick!  This season Cara finished with the highest number of goals (26 goals) and the highest number of assists (16 assists)!


Hardest Worker: Kate Kelly

Coaches Comments: Kate was an extremely versatile player for us this season between being one of our top defensemen that you could rely on in any situation, and playing phenomenally in net, especially during important games. Kate came to every game and practice motivated and driven to give it her all and to do whatever it takes to help her team succeed. Kate was also one of the select few who never complained, who paid attention to detail, and who really pushed herself outside of her comfort zone every ice time.


Best Defensive Player: Catherine Harris

Coaches Comments: Catherine was one of our top defensemen this season! Not only is she extremely strong defensively, but she’s also very strong offensively. She excels in rushing the puck and creating opportunities in the offensive zone. Catherine is someone you can always count on to be first back on the back check no matter how deep she is in the other teams end, she simply never gives up. Catherine was a defensemen that we could put in any game situation, especially the most crucial points such as overtime in the Cammi Granato Tournament.


Most improved: Jayda Vendargon

Coaches Comments: Jayda was a player who came to us at the beginning of the season with a big smile on her face, and tons of confidence. Immediately after only a few practices she came to us asking what she could do away from our team sessions to improve her skills which we could see in only a matter of weeks that she was definitely working on! Her skating especially took a huge jump this season, by the mid-point of the season she was easily keeping up with and speeding past players on the other team. Her puck handling and passing are also something to be recognized, it was amazing to see how far she has come this season. Jayda battled through an injury that took her out of the game for a few weeks, but as soon as she was back you couldn’t tell she had taken the time off! She came onto the ice with the same big smile on her face and was ready to get back to work, her improvement continued to excel!




MVP: Sienna Johnson

Coaches Comments: Sienna was always ready for every practice and game, and we never had to ask her to give 110%. She knew the team was depending on her, but she did not let that get into her head, instead she seemed calm, ready for each shot, and moved on whenever a goal was scored against her. She was definitely the rock of our team.

Hardest Worker: Alyssa Johnson

Coaches Comments: Alyssa is one of the most dedicated hockey players you will ever meet; she is always on time and ready to go, and practices like she wants to play in a game. You can tell she loves the game, and the team was lucky to have her as a Captain.

Best Defensive Player: Amelia Codrington

Coaches Comments: We were very fortunate to have Amelia on our team, not only because of her defensive talents but also because of her ability to make everyone smile (and her chirps, I seem to recall her telling me to “dance on beat” during our jamboree with the Vancouver Angels). She was always ready to protect Sienna, and other teams found it difficult to pass her in one-on-one situations.

Most improved: Julia Lee

Coaches Comments: Julia was another player the coaches never had to ask to work hard. She is a dedicated hockey player who clearly wanted to improve during each practice. She never said “I can’t do it” when coaches gave her advice, but worked her hardest to do better with each drill and each shift.




MVP: Saoirse Lawlor

Coaches Comments: If anyone understands what it feels like to stand on their head, it’s Saoirse Lawlor. Lawlor averaged 30-40+ shots per game, and always gave our team the opportunity to compete. Her hard work, drive and commitment to success allowed her to perform at a level to which she exceeded expectations. Lawlor attended every practice, is very passionate about the game and always put in the work to improve.


Hardest Worker: Sarah Schmidt

Coaches Comments: Whether it be a game, practice or dryland training, Sarah Schmidt always gave 110% effort. Sarah’s work ethic is extremely admirable and contagious – she always showed up to the rink ready to compete. She consistently outworked her opponents on the ice and always strived to be the hardest worker in the room. Sarah has a growth mind-set and always wants to know what she can do to become a better hockey player.


Best Defensive Player: Anna Mathias

Coaches Comments: Anna’s first season as a defencemen was outstanding. Her poise and calmness with the puck allowed her to make critical plays during every game. The coaching staff could always rely on Anna to pick up sticks in front of our net, win battles along the boards and make smart passes out of our end. Anna’s vision, awareness and intelligence on the ice will make her an elite defencemen.


Most improved: Olivia Glithero

Coaches Comments: To the coaching staff and her teammates, Olivia Glithero stands out because of her incredible progress throughout the season. Olivia used every opportunity she could to develop her game. She always put in the work to improve every aspect of herself as a hockey player and never once backed down from a challenge on the ice. By the end of the season, Olivia was a force to be reckoned with and was heavily relied on by her team in critical situations.




MVP: Jessica Sherwood

Coaches Comments: Jess is a strong competitor, leading by example, stepping up when up the team needs her all the while with a great personality on and off the ice.


Hardest Worker: Brianna Lindner-Barnes

Coaches Comments: Bree is fierce competitor who works hard every practice and every shift, it doesn’t matter who she squares off against!


Best Defensive Player: Sydney Lee

Coaches Comments: Syd is great competitor who excels when the games get tough, she has a defense first mentality with great first pass out of her zone.


Most improved: Alexandra Lawlor

Coaches Comments: Ali worked hard all year with her team and on her own, she made great strides transitioning from Pee Wee to Midget.