BC Restart Plan: Step 3 Changes starting July 5, 2021

Hello Members,

Below is some important information regarding some changes to Club operations starting  Monday July 5th, 2021. These changes include provincial orders put out by our provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and include the lifting of some prior restrictions. In addition, the Board has considered the recommendations from the health authorities and determined what changes WILL or WILL NOT be applied to the club starting July 5th.  We will continue to monitor as things change.

We ask that all members read and understand the importance of following all health orders and changes to club operations approved by the board so that we can continue to keep our doors open and our Club operating, under step 3 of BC’s restart plan.


  • If you or anyone in your family feels sick, stay home and get tested immediately.
  • We expect members to continue to wear masks when entering & exiting the facility and in indoor settings at this time, outside field of play, including those 12 years old and under.
  • Masks are recommended but not required in outdoor spaces, especially in high traffic areas (i.e. Tiki Deck).
  • Members should engage in careful social contact (respect other’s personal space and situations).
  • Some safety measures will remain, like physical barriers.
  • Club hours remain 6am – 11pm (Tiki will remain open, all members/guests must have vacated the premises by 11:45pm)
  • No reciprocal club privileges until further notice


  • Cafe/ Kitchen Hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 8pm & Sat – Sun: 12am – 8pm.
  • Lounge/Tiki Hours: Mon – Fri: 2pm – 11pm & Sat – Sun: 12pm – 11pm.

    These same rules are STILL IN EFFECT for our Food & Beverage services:

    • Tables will remain as 4 or 6 seats. Please do not move furniture.
    • For larger parties, please make an advanced reservation through Kim Hirji – khirji@nswc.ca.   No large party walk-ins.
    • No socializing between tables.
    • A reminder that no outside food or alcohol is permitted at the Club at any time.
    • Masks recommended in outdoor high traffic areas (i.e. Tiki Deck); Masks must be worn in the Lounge/Café EXCEPT when seated at your table.
    • We ask that all members consider a 90-minute time limit at peak times or when others are waiting to use our Tiki or Lounge areas.
    • Children need to be directly supervised at all times.


Calm, organized play is permitted in the grass area.  Please be mindful of other members.

  • No wrestling or rough-housing
  • Masks not required but recommended outdoors
  • No running through or onto the Tiki Deck or picnic/eating areas
  • Family Fun Nights (bouncy castles), will begin shortly.  Stay tuned for separate information.


Regulation:  Indoor low & high intensity group exercise is allowed with regular capacity. Gyms can return to normal capacity.

NSWC Changes:

  • Bookings are still required.
  • Workout spaces in the Fitness Centre will increase from 10 spots to 15 spots.  There will be no more cardio options in the Tennis Viewing.
  • Masks are NO LONGER required while working out; they may be removed upon entry to the fitness centre or HPTC.
  • Please refer to MINDBODY or reach out to Garth gprouse@nswc.ca for any updates to class options.
  • The HPTC may be booked for up to 6 people.
  • Only direct family member guests (see guest rules below) are permitted for the fitness centre or HPTC bookings.


Regulation: Outdoor organized gatherings are permitted.  Indoor organized events for up to 50 people or 50% capacity.

NSWC Changes:

  • Live Music will resume on the Tiki Deck Friday nights, starting July 9th.   Reservations will be required through Kim – khirji@nswc.ca
  • Outdoor events will still require a Communicable Disease Plan


Regulation: Outdoor spectators up to 5,000 people; indoor spectators up to 50 people or 50% capacity.

NSWC Changes:

  • Viewing may resume in the arenas only (rink-side viewing), maximum 50 people per arena.  Lower/Upper Main Arena indoor areas & HTC indoor areas will remain closed.   Tennis Viewing capacity, max 10 people.
  • Masks are expected to be worn in open viewing areas for the time being.
  • Please respect and maintain social distancing where possible.


  • Bookings for activities are still required on Game Time until further notice.
  • Indoor and outdoor games & practices for both adults and youth group/team sports is allowed.
  • Contact and doubles play is permitted, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Visiting teams/players will be permitted for games, matches, and meets under a Board Approved NSWC safety plan.  No non-member spectators permitted.
  • Members should be mindful of social contact and distancing.
  • Only direct family member guests (see guest rules below) are permitted for activities. 


  • Members are permitted to bring up to two (2) guests per membership that consists of immediate family: spouse, parents, grandchildren, siblings and in-laws, or living in the same household.
  • Each individual guest is limited to twice per month for an activity.
  • Guests must fill out a Self-Declaration Form prior to entering the Club.

Again, we ask all members to follow all Club and provincial health orders at all times while in and out of the Club so we can remain a safe place for our members and staff. We are extremely excited to be able to make some small changes in the Club and ask that all members remain diligent on keeping members and staff safe.

For more information regarding the current Covid-19 restrictions in the province, please click HERE  

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping us safe together!

Joanna Hayes | General Manager