Club Staffing Update

Hello Members,

One of the ongoing effects of the pandemic is the notable impact it has on the workforce. The hospitality industry continues to be one of the hardest hit experiencing staffing shortages throughout the country. The Club business is also feeling the pressure of these shortages, and we continue to work hard at filling these gaps to ensure our service and safety standards are up to member expectations.

We are extremely lucky that the staff we do have, continue to rise above these shortages with their commitment to the Club. The team continue to work extremely hard, sometimes through difficult busy periods where they are pushed to the limit. They choose to work here because they genuinely want to make members happy.

In addition to staff shortages we are now seeing supply-chain disruptions as BC continues to experience extreme weather patterns. This affects many products that the Club needs for continued operations, in particular, we are seeing shortages in food and beverage supplies with no certainties of availability or delivery dates.

With this being our current state, the Club will need to make some changes for a short time. Adjustments to our hours of operation in our Food Service outlets are needed as well as occasionally offering a reduced menu to assist with accommodating the current state we are in.

For Monday December 6th and Monday December 13th, we will be closing the kitchen, café and lounge areas.  During the week, we will continue to limit early morning hours in the Café, and coffee will be available for sign-out.  We are working towards returning to regular operating hours as soon as we can.

On busier nights, please anticipate slightly longer wait times for food, likely 30-45 minutes.  We also ask that you restrict tables sizes to no more than eight (8) people.  We are unable to accommodate ‘team’ dinners or events for the rest of the month, into January.

We can all appreciate the holidays are a busy and stressful time for everyone, please be patient and understanding with our Staff while these changes are in place and know that we are all working extremely hard to be back to operations as usual.  We are trying to maintain conditions where people can work with pride and feel respected, while at the same time continuing to improve the service to the members.  Your kindness is appreciated.

Thank you

NSWC Management and Staff