Have you decided to give pickleball a try? Are you looking for more information to help you learn the rules, technique, and strategy? We want to help! A quick way to pick up basic aspects of the game is through videos. On this page videos and tips on various pickleball topics will be posted that provide an immediate learning impact.

Videos will be added frequently so check back often!

The Most Complete Pickleball Non Volley Zone Rule Video – Pickleball 411


3 Mistakes to Avoid when Volleying – Pickleball 411


At the NSWC we discourage the use of wooden or nomex paddles. Why? They make more noise. Instead we recommend polymer paddles. Polymer paddles are quieter and provide all the power and touch you need. But don’t worry 95% of paddles manufactured these days are polymer so you probably have a great paddle. To learn more about the components used to manufacture paddles and the benefits of each, watch this video:

Pickleball Paddle Core Differences and Why I Stick With Only One

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