NSWC Commitment to Health & Safety

NSWC Commitment to Health & Safety

The health and safety of our members and staff has always been a top priority. We are taking the following measures to ensure a safe, clean and friendly environment for everyone.

Member Safety

  • A signed declaration and waiver has been submitted by members to ensure they are healthy with no signs of COVID-19 symptoms before entering the Club.
  • Additional, complimentary sanitizer stations are located in numerous areas around the Club including entrance and exit ways, pool, fitness areas, rinks and tennis courts.
  • Plexiglass has been installed at the entrance and in our food and beverage departments
  • Clearly marked, designated entry and exit paths have been implemented to each area to control the flow of traffic and aid in physical distancing.
  • Online or phone in reservations and bookings are required for all areas to ensure that we do not exceed capacity at the Club and allow lots of space between our members.  This is required by the Province for contact tracing.
  • Extra time between bookings allows for cleaning of high touch areas.
  • Additional cleaning services in the Club 24 hours a day.
  • Fair booking policy for all members to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the Club several times a week in different activities.
  • As always, our food and beverage teams follow all FoodSafe procedures to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses with heightened handwashing and sanitization of all surfaces with diligent focus on high traffic areas and equipment.
  • Floor plans in our food and beverage areas have been adapted to keep 2 m physical distance between tables and pathways.
  • Reservations or seating of more than 6 people will not be allowed.
  • Gatherings of over 50 people at one time will not be permitted
  • Physical distancing is in place in the Club at all times in all areas.


Staff Safety

  • Staff have participated in training of the new COVID-19 protocols and procedures.
  • All staff sign a declaration each time they arrive for work and will not report to work if they are feeling symptoms of illness.
  • PPEs are provided for those staff that choose to wear however this is not mandatory.


NSWC continues to follow the guidance published by Federal & Provincial health authorities, the Government of BC, and WorkSafe BC. We need both, members and staff support to ensure we are all doing our part to adhere with the above guidelines to make this a safe place for all our Members and Staff.

Thank you

Joanna Hayes | General Manager