Tennis Court Booking Changes

Summer Tennis courts at NSWC

June 8, 2023


NSWC Tennis Members:


Thank you for all your feedback during the past month regarding the recent court booking changes. We understand that the court allocations were somewhat on the light side.

Over the past month, we have spent considerable time reviewing GameTime analytics for the previous seven months, as well as the period starting May 8th to June 6th when the new rules were in place.

We can confidently say that the following new rules will satisfy the court needs of 92% of active tennis members.

There will be some restrictions on the heaviest users, as we have sought to improve the equity of access to courts while taking into account the vast majority of tennis members’ court requirements. We are going to adopt the following rules on a trial basis through September 4th. Our front desk staff will periodically spot check court usage and inform members of infringements.



  • Tennis members will have access to 6 weekly court bookings.
  • These can Include up to 3 prime time.
  • All bookings count to your 6 allotted, including last-minute changes which are allowed.
  • New walk-on rule: 15 minutes in advance of court time for empty courts only.  This booking will NOT count towards your weekly allotment. These walk-on courts can only be booked by Member Services, in person.
  • Any paid booking – lessons, drills or ball machine bookings do not count towards your 6.


  • Only full-time staff coaches may make priority bookings using the priority rules. Please contact Fabio Walker or the coach directly for lesson bookings.
  • Private lessons with a part-time staff coach (Alex S., Max K., Sarah K.) must be booked by the member, as available through GameTime.
  • If it is a junior booking, lessons will be booked using the junior’s name.
  • All staff coaches will seek to minimize “unusable” time around their scheduled lessons.
  • Coaches have a 7 day advance booking but must leave three courts open. If courts remain un-booked 3 days in advance, coaches may book  these available courts.
  • Coaches will seek to immediately update GameTime upon cancellations or moving courts.

If you have any additional comments or feedback, please email

Frank Dennis

Racquets Committee Chair