2020-2021 Minor Hockey Year End Awards

NSWC 2020-2021 Minor Hockey Award Winners



U11 Hawks


Leadership Award: Ashton Deneumoustier

Coaches Comments: Best all-round player and was the leader of this team from day 1. Always helpful with cleanup and was the first kid in the change room and the last kid off the ice every time.


Most Consistent: Ryan Gibbens

Coaches Comments: Very reliable and able to keep his level of play consistent through out the entire season.


Hardest Worker: Jack Nothstein

Coaches Comments: Was our hardest worker but also wanted to improve all parts of his game.  He worked hard doing extra sessions and has come very far with all his skills.


Most Improved: Knox Parry

Coaches Comments: 1st year is a goalie is difficult.  Knox worked very hard all season to elevate his game and can be a top goalie at the winter club.


U11 Female

Leadership Award: Kiki Lindner

Coaches Comments: Kiki Lindner, a quiet leader that befriended all players throughout the year was always positive and encouraging towards her teammates. Kiki is a fun and genuinely kind young lady that everyone loved to be around.


Most Consistent: Jayda Vendargon

Coaches Comments: Jayda Vendargon, always first on the ice and eager to learn Jayda always brought her best throughout the year.  The rapid growth in her development is a tribute to her desire to improve and become the very best player she can.


Hardest Worker: Molly McFadyen

Coaches Comments: Molly McFadyen, a perfect example how powerful things can come in small packages.  Molly is a workhorse. First in line on every drill to set the tone for her teammates to follow.  Her work ethic coupled with her passion for hockey made everyone love the game that much more.


Most Improved: Reiko Hamilton

Coaches Comments: Reiko Hamilton, ending the year with a perfect bar-down knocking us all off our feet, it was the perfect ending to this amazing year of development for Reiko.  This gal has speed and a great vision of the ice not to mention this newfound shot that will make the best of goalie’s cry.


U11 – A4

Leadership Award: Liam Lawlor

Coaches Comments: Liam is a natural leader. Liam leads by example, but also is not afraid to ask questions and get better at something. Liam cares deeply about his teammates, but never shows anger or frustration towards them. We are so proud of Liam’s development, he was a pleasure to coach!


Most Consistent: Nick Kelly

Coaches Comments: I can’t think of a single moment this season where Nick was not paying attention. Nick was always front and center when explaining a drill and first in line. Not only was Nick’s mindset consistent, but his play never fluctuated throughout the season. Nick already practices like a pro. We are so proud of Nick’s development this year!


Hardest Worker: Maddin Neale

Coaches Comments: Maddin was consistently our hardest worker at every practice. Maddin played hard in every single drill and went above and beyond with his work ethic – whether it was picking up pucks or putting the nets away. He also asked a ton of questions and was dedicated to getting better. We are so proud of Maddin and the mindset he brought to this season!


Most Improved: Grayson Twinney

Coaches Comments: Grayson truly took to heart what we were suggesting to him and implemented it into his game. Grayson brought an upbeat and positive attitude everyday, and in turn his game got much better. It was a pleasure to coach Grayson and track his development this year!


U11 – A3


Leadership Award: Will Morantz

Coaches Comments: Being a good teammate is a learning curve that can be very different for young hockey players. Some learn early, some don’t mature until later. (Some never learn!) Will has demonstrated all year a maturity and conscientiousness well beyond his years. Whether it be through a stick tap for a buddy who needs it, or as a communicator between players and coaches, Will consistently shows his high character and ability to lead.


Most Consistent: Cooper Woeste

Coaches Comments: Cooper’s nickname may as well be over reliable because every time he hops over the boards, you trust in his ability to always, always make the right play. Cooper’s sky-high hockey IQ and calm demeanour allows him to maintain such a high level of play. A coach’s dream is a defenseman you don’t have to think twice about and Cooper is that player.


Hardest Worker: Jordan Klawer

Coaches Comments: No matter the situation, you know Jordo is going to give his 100% effort every single time. Whether playing with or without the puck, Jordo is relentless and seemingly with endless energy. His combination of magnificent skating and unbelievable compete level make for a tremendously gifted player.


Most Improved: Cole Zurowski

Coaches Comments: Coley transitioned to a new position this season and has worked extremely hard to not only get comfortable playing centre, but to thrive. Coley’s hard work and excellent attitude has allowed him to make the jump from defense seamlessly. Attention to detail in practice and asking thoughtful questions has allowed Coley to learn his new position and continue improving with every skate!


U11 – A2


Leadership Award: Sasha Bahia

Coaches Comments: Sasha is a very hard working and dedicated hockey player, who leads by example every time she is at the rink; she is a great example of how leadership is not just about having a loud voice or an assertive demeanor. Sasha’s very mature and responsible attitude provides a strong example for everyone else around her, and she often sets the tone for her teammates simply just by being herself.


Most Consistent: Quinn Herman

Coaches Comments: Quinn always shows up at the rink ready to learn and improve. Very rarely does he require external motivation to get himself going, as he is always focused and prepared. Quinn was a dedicated and committed member of our team this year, qualities that are evident by his significant improvement throughout the season.


Hardest Worker: Grayson Hunter

Coaches Comments: Grayson is a very hard working and committed individual who always strive to get better when on the ice. Sometimes it almost seems as though he is working too hard, if that’s even possible! Never one to cut corners or ease up on a drill, Grayson doesn’t just rely on his physical strength to simply do the work for him. He embraces his power-forward style of play during any and every one-on-one battle, and his effectiveness in these situations increased significantly over the season due to his willingness to outwork his opponents when faced with challenges.


Most Improved: Andrew Shrigley

Coaches Comments: Andrew is a very naturally talented goaltender who made significant strides in his first season at this level. His raw ability was evident from the beginning of the season; however, his dedication to learning every time he is on the ice allowed him to make significant improvements to his style and technique. Watching him develop in to a more confident and aggressive goaltender over the course of the season was a pleasure, as we know that much of this was attributed to his internal drive and motivation to be as good as he can be.


U11 – A1


Leadership Award: Mason Macintosh

Coaches Comments: With the amazing group of kids we had this year, there were 6 players in the running for this award. The winner is: Mason Macintosh – Mason is a terrific player and teammate. He had a great season and helped lead by example all year long. He played both forward and defence for us this year and was always happy to do whatever the team needed. Off the ice he is one of the most kind, fun loving players I’ve coached and he goes the extra mile for his teammates.


Most Consistent: Baden Glithero

Coaches Comments: We had another 5 players in consideration for this award. And it goes to: Baden Glithero – Baden is a non-stop workhorse. His work ethic and passion for the game are infectious to teammates and coaches alike. He is a very dependable player who always gives everything he has whether it be a practice, game, or skills class.


Hardest Worker: Kade Kwan

Coaches Comments: There were 7 players being debated for this award but one stood out among the group: Kade Kwan – Kade is a pit-bull. He just doesn’t let up. A lot of goals in our games (back at the beginning of the season) came as a direct result of Kade hunting down, stealing the puck, and making a great play to a teammate. He is a unselfish player who goes above and beyond to help his team any way he can.


Most Improved: Ethan Mah

Coaches Comments: There were 5 players up for this award. Congratulations to the winner: Ethan Mah. Ethan made the jump from A3 to A1 this past season and over the course of this year, he has become a dominant player with our group. He has been putting a lot of time into improving his game, both on and off the ice, and it is paying off. In particular, his improvements in puck skills, playmaking, and goal scoring stand out and are hard to miss.


U13 Hawks


Leadership Award: Catherine Harris

Coaches Comments: Catherine was named captain of our team this year, and she proved why all season. She showed up to practices and worked hard in every drill with no complaints. She was a quiet leader on the ice during our games by playing a very steady game as one of our top defencemen.


Most Consistent: Ryan Vriend

Coaches Comments: Ryan played with the same intensity in both games and practices. He hustled every time was on the ice, and could be depended on in all situations. During games Ryan played both power play and penalty kill, and performed admirably.


Hardest Worker: Andy Lien

Coaches Comments: This was Andy’s first year of playing hockey, and he worked hard to catch up to the rest of the team, skill wise. Andy’s shot progressed the quickest, scoring a goal in only the second game of his career. Andy’s effort continued throughout all the practices, impressing both his coaches and teammates.


Most Improved: Marques Lui

Coaches Comments: In Marques’ fourth season playing hockey, it all finally came together. His skating and shooting progressed rapidly through the beginning of the season, scoring five goals in the four games we played. His confidence continued throughout the year in practices, as he displayed willingness to make plays when he had the puck.


U13 Female

Leadership Award:
Gwenyth Rae

Coaches Comments: Gwenyth was a textbook example of a leader on and off the ice this season. She exemplified every aspect you look for in a leader. She was always encouraging of her teammates, she took initiative, she was trusting, respectful and an endless list of other things. She led by example and ensured her teammates were well taken care of. She was a hard worker and demonstrated what it takes to be a leader.


Most Consistent: Sarah Schmidt

Coaches Comments: Sarah showed up to the rink each and every day ready to work. She always gave 110% in every drill and showed her true skills. She was determined to succeed and always put her best foot forward.


Hardest Worker: Danika Lefebvre

Coaches Comments: Danika was a prime example of a determined and hard-working athlete. She showed 110% effort in every drill and skill she was learning, even with skills she had never done before or was less comfortable with. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone every single practice and understood that even if she fell or lost the puck, she would just get right back up and keep trying.


Most Improved: Julia McMorran

Coaches Comments: I have had the pleasure of watching Julia grow as a player for the last 2 seasons. She has continued to amaze me! She has been such a hard worker and shows just how eager she is to succeed. She has a drive to learn and does what ever it takes to get there! Her skating was her most improved area for sure. She is so comfortable on her edges and really pushes herself to increase her speed and power!


U13 – A3


Leadership Award: Dylan Wang

Dylan was the driving force on the ice when it came to leadership. His attention to detail during chalk talk and his work ethic combined into what great leaders do; they lead by example on and off the ice.

Most Consistent: Rylan Burrows

Rylan always put his best effort out front for all to see. His drive to compete and improve is what stands out about him. When Rylan comes to the arena, you know EXACTLY what he is bringing, his very best.

Hardest Worker: Rocco Notroff-Tomlinson

Rocco has two speeds, LIGHT SPEED and WARP SPEED. His work ethic and compete level was second to none among his peers this season. His drive to compete and develop is commendable, along with his coach ability on and off the ice.

Most Improved: Ethan Lyle

Ethan’s enthusiasm about learning how to play the game, along with his hunger to improve his skill set allowed him to develop in a positive manner far ahead of his peers this season. He is a sponge, just waiting to soak up whatever his coaches are willing to teach him, and most importantly, is a dream to coach!

U13 – A2


Leadership Award: Jayan Sinha

Coaches Comments: It doesn’t take long after meeting Jay to recognize he is a player and person of such high character. From his intelligence and maturity to the beaming smile he always brings to practice, Jay makes a positive imprint on every skate.


Most Consistent: Sam Shepard

Coaches Comments: There are certain athletes who are so consistently excellent that poor performances are often met with shock and confusion. There might have been one practice this season where Sheps was off and the reaction from the coaching staff was more or less a “well that was weird”. Combine Sheps elite skill level with his tireless drive and the result is a player who never takes a shift off, and makes an impact every time.


Hardest Worker: Eli Beselt

Coaches Comments: Much like his idol Matthew Tkachuk, Big E is always involved in the middle of the play, whether for good or evil. Diving for loose pucks, being a magnet for board battles and never ever giving up on the play are the basis of Big E’s game. He has an engine that never stops running and a desire to make something happen every time over the boards.


Most Improved: Emmanuel Brogin

Coaches Comments: Manny’s growth this year has been twofold. Through asking smart questions and maintaining a high level of focus, Manny has grown as a player and leader. Attention to detail has allowed Manny to thrive on the back end. Armed with a booming shot and a solid hockey IQ, Manny has a strong presence along the blue line.


U13– A1


Leadership Award: Landen Mailhot

Coaches Comments: Landen was a model of leadership and behavior all season long. His maturity and dedication set the standard for how players approached each day.


Most Consistent: Louis Oscar Holowaychuk

Coaches Comments: Louis’s attitude was consistently positive. He almost never had an off day on ice and brought effort and diligence to every drill he did.


Hardest Worker: Brayden McCrorie

Coaches Comments: Brayden never took a drill off and pushed himself each drill to a level that raised the overall level of the team. Always asking for how to be better, Brayden kept up a level of intensity that was impressive each time he hit the ice.


Most Improved: Connor Liu

Coaches Comments: Connor made remarkable improvements over the course of the year, both improving his skill set as well as learning how to use it in more effective ways. The improvement in his skating, speed, hands, and shot was matched by the improvement in his hockey IQ. I’m incredibly proud of Conner and am excited to watch him next season.


U15 – Hawks


Leadership Award: Seamus O’Sullivan

Coaches Comments: Seamus consistently tried to ensure his teammates were trying in practice. He consistently led by example.


Most Consistent: Jeffrey Lee
Coaches Comments: Jeffrey was always trying, he was never taking a day off. You knew he was always going to be there trying to the best of his ability.


Hardest Worker: Ashton MacKay

Coaches Comments: Ashton was always trying hard. He was always trying to battle for the puck in games and continued that in practice. He was trying hard to develop new skills in practice.


Most Improved: Raiden Kasubuchi

Coaches Comments: Raiden has come along way this year. He is more confident, has shown the improvement throughout the year. Raiden struggled early in the year, however showed lots of strength of character as the year went on and his skills improved markedly as the season progressed.

U15 – Female


Leadership Award: Chiara Biagi

Coaches Comments: Chiara is a second year Bantam on our team and took on a massive leadership role. She leads by example on and off the ice, speaks up when necessary and treats everyone on the team with equality and respect. Not only is her character genuine, but her skills on the ice are extremely notable. Chiara is an authentic person in every category, and her teammates and coaching staff are truly appreciative of her role on our team.


Most Consistent: Aiden Cronk

Coaches Comments: Consistency is one of the toughest qualities to attain as a hockey player – the amount of dedication and focus required to be consistent is part of being mentally strong. Aiden’s positive attitude, effort and work ethic has stayed consistent throughout the whole season. She is constantly looking to improve, compete and develop new skills to apply to her game. Aiden is in an unwavering growth mindset, never letting anything get in the way of her progress. She sets the standard for herself and her teammates on and off the ice.


Hardest Worker: Evelyn Naidu

Coaches Comments: Over the course of the season, Evelyn has been the example and has set the tone at each practice as to where a player’s effort, energy level and commitment should be. Her diligence never goes unnoticed by the coaching staff or her teammates – she not only puts the work in, but does the work with passion. Hard work is a habit, talent is a gift and Evelyn uses both admirably.


Most Improved: Julia Lee

Coaches Comments: The amount you get out of things depends on what you put into them. Julia’s effort and dedication to improve is extraordinary. She took it upon herself to set goals, attend extra training, to never miss a practice and put everything she has into all her ice times. The strides (literally) she has made over the course of the season is incredible – everything from her skating, to stick handling, to shooting has really started to flourish.  Everything Julia does is with purpose, integrity and kindness.


U15 – A1


Leadership Award: Nicolas Govorcin

Coaches Comments: During a strange year Nick has been an absolute leader in terms of his attitude and effort in every single ice time that we have had this season.  Regardless of the lack of games Nick has come to the rink with a great attitude every night and been on time, first in line for drills and never given less than his very best.

Although Nick is not a loud in your face big speech type leader his constant willingness to push himself and not get distracted really helped our team run effective practices which allowed our players to improved immensely from one month to the next.  Nick was instrumental in our team having a productive culture throughout the season.


Most Consistent: Tyson Osachoff

Coaches Comments: From the first day of tryouts to our last session Ozzie has been our spark plug.  His ability to push himself day after day was truly remarkable.  After every session the coaching staff would go over the practice to break down what went well, what we needed to work on, who was going and who had an off day.  Not once did Tyson’s name show up on the off-day list.


Hardest Worker: Ronan Murphy

Coaches Comments: I don’t think Murph has a second gear.  Like a NASCAR or race horse Murph has one goal and it is to go as hard as possible for as long as he can.  Every session we had Murph pushed himself to the edge of his ability which really helped out team culture as he would not let off even if the group was having a bit of a slow day.  Having teammates like Murph really helps a group maintain their pace throughout a season.


Most Improved: Matson Waring

Coaches Comments: This is a tough one as many of our players have really improved throughout the season but Mats in particle seems to have taken his game to another level.  By letting himself push outside of his comfort zone and really focusing on the details of each drill in every practice Mats has come leaps and bounds from our first ice time as a group.


U18 – Hawks


Leadership Award: James Lee

James has one of the best attitudes I have seen in a long time as a hockey coach. He always arrives with a smile, and has an uncanny ability to blend hard work with having fun, which trickles down to his team his team mates, which in turn seem to follow suit. True Captain material all the way!

Most Consistent: Tyler Holman

What can I say?, Tyler has unique way about him, and a charisma that is truly magnetic. The rink just seemed to light up once Tyler entered the building, and his consistency to keep team morale high during this absurd, bastardized season deserves to be accredited.

Hardest Worker: Isaac Dharamsi

Isaac by far always arrived ready to be the best on the and off the ice. His energy is contagious, and drive to be the best will only benefit him in the future, and take to great heights.

Most Improved: Tyler Mackay

At the beginning of the season, Tyler (shortest on the squad) would not dare go within 10 feet of Dylan Kemper(6’4″), and wasn’t the strongest on the ice. By the end of the season, Tyler would hesitate to one on one in the corners against the biggest guys on the team, and developed his shot to be one of the most accurate on the team. These feats were achieved by determination, believing in himself, and trusting in his biggest asset, his heart!

U18 – A1


Leadership Award: Sawyer Kindree

Coaches Comments: He was always focused and hard working at every practice leading by example and the coaches appreciated his leadership keeping other players focused.


Most Consistent: Ethan Rich

Coaches Comments: Don’t think he missed an ice and was always one of the hardest working guys at practice.


Hardest Worker: Koji Kasubuchi

Coaches Comments: he took seriously his development this year by focusing and working hard at every practice.


Most Improved: Pavel Maliouguine

Coaches Comments: the biggest area of improvement for him was his shot which became one of his strongest skills.