NSWC Call for Membership Committee Members

Hello Members,

Interested in making a difference at the North Shore Winter Club? Consider volunteering on a committee!

We are currently looking for new members for the Membership Committee.   This Committee assists with planning and developing the strategic approach for growing membership, enhancing member satisfaction, engaging members, and developing Club policies affecting the membership.

Applicants should have professional or knowledgeable experience in this field, and reflect the diversity of our Club.  Committee Members must enjoy working and interacting with people, and have a positive attitude.

Members are selected through application, interviewed and then approved by the Board of Directors.

The Membership Committee works with the General Manager and staff to:

  • Foster the growth of membership at the NSWC;
  • Promote retention of existing members;
  • Increase member satisfaction;
  • Evaluate and support the increase of usage of the Club;
  • Attend and support Club events representing the NSWC; and
  • Recommend changes to membership categories.

For the Committee’s full Term of Reference (TOR), please click HERE.

Committee members are viewed as representatives of the NSWC and should therefore conduct themselves in an appropriately professional manner, respecting their responsibilities and following the Club Rules as approved by the Board of Directors.  They should consider the best interests of the entire Club community and have no real or perceived bias respecting any special interest group while serving as Committee members. Be willing and able to contribute some of their time during their tenure, and attend monthly committee meetings at least 75% of the time (the Committee normally meets 9-10 times per year).

How to Apply

To apply for a volunteer role, please click HERE for the application and send your information to volunteer@nswc.ca.   Application deadline is 5pm on Wednesday April 14th.