Pool Renovation Progress Update

Dear Members,

As everyone has likely noticed, we have undertaken major upgrades in the pool area over the past few weeks and we wanted to give the members a renovation progress update.  The experienced team of pool resurfacing professionals have been jackhammering and sandblasting the pool basin, in order to remove many of the areas that had begun to delaminate over time.  These issues are simply a matter of age and a regular part of pool maintenance over years of service.  To date, the entirety of the delamination has been removed, the basin has been sandblasted clean and repairs underway to the failed sections including new material in the expansion joints.  The concrete has been inspected by our engineering firm and found to be in quite good condition.  A new Marcite material will coat the existing surface to boost strength and water resistance; it has been very commonly used in pools for decades and we expect a great result.

With the removal of the current basin material and introduction of the new Marcite material, it will not be possible to paint the competition lines on the pool lane walls, but it was decided that tiling these sections will be a great option, using the updated FINA guidelines. While this option is a bit more labour intensive, it will have a much cleaner look and not require regular maintenance, as paint does, moving forward.

New pool heating boilers are on site and have been designed specifically for our pool requirements.  It is our intention to have the new heating system in place prior to start up, aiming for mid-March to begin install.  This will be a significant improvement to our previous, underperforming system!  We are also installing a new state of the art filtration system.  The intention is to install the new filtration system over the course of the swim season which will be completed in a way that will not affect pool operations.  Along with these exciting upgrades, new main drain covers, new skimmer covers, and chemical feed systems will be in place prior to opening to ensure that we meet all current Vancouver Coastal Health safety code requirements.

Along with the repairs to the pool basin and systems themselves, there is also significant concrete work being done in the pool mechanical room in order to address minor structural and safety issues within this space.

As with any renovation, the timelines can be impacted by District permitting requirements and concerns with environmental conditions but we expect to address these challenges as they arise based on years of experience in our North Vancouver environment.  We are excited with the progress we’ve made so far and look forward to re-opening in May!

Thank you,

Joanna Hayes | General Manager